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Productivity Plugins For WordPress and LearnDash

Take your WordPress platform to the next level using our exclusive plugins which further enhance the features of LearnDash!

Discover eLearning work with the LearnDash LMS platform to build truly bespoke digital learning experiences. Use our plugins to further enhance what is possible on your WordPress learning platform, such as through integration with leading eLearning development tools like Articulate Storyline.

Track Learner Confidence, Measure Training Effectiveness

Impact Focus - Plugin For WordPress

Impact Focus is our all-in-one knowledge retention and confidence measurement toolkit for WordPress.

Using our solution you can build knowledge check campaigns that will send challenges to your users via email on a daily basis with quiz questions that you yourself design. This allows you to provide spaced repetition reinforcement of learning on any subject!

Plus you will be provided with a smart and powerful reporting dashboard that will give you invaluable insights into the topic areas that users struggle most, allowing you to give targeted follow-up guidance and support to the learners who need it most!

Articulate Storyline just got even more powerful

eLearning Magic Toolkit for Storyline - Plugin For WordPress

Our latest plugin for WordPress delivers an array of incredible features, including:

1) ChatGPT integration for Storyline
2) Save and recall Storyline user variables between different activities
3) Create user leaderboards instantly from any saved Storyline number variable
4) Capture the user’s name from your WordPress site using an Execute JavaScript trigger
5) For LearnDash LMS users, Storyline can activate the course step Mark Complete action using any custom trigger
6) And activate the course step Mark Complete action using eLearning content displayed in a new browser tab

Enhance The Mark Complete Process For LearnDash Topics

Topic Progression Using Storyline / Captivate for LearnDash – WordPress Plugin

Our flagship addon plugin for LearnDash puts the power in course developers' hands to dictate exactly when a topic page should be marked as complete through learner actions that take place within a piece of Storyline or Captivate eLearning content!

Use our plugin to hide the standard LearnDash 'Mark Complete' button from the learner, and then simply embed your Storyline project onto the topic page using either an iframe or lightbox window to control course progression criteria.

Extend your choice of LearnDash Certificate Shortcodes from the User Profile.

Custom Certificate Shortcodes for LearnDash – WordPress Plugin

Using this LearnDash extension, you can grab any custom field from the User Profile and turn it into a shortcode which can be used in a certificate or WP post/page.

Use this plugin alongside the free Woocommerce addon ‘Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce‘, to include custom fields for your users to complete during checkout which can then printed onto their LearnDash certificate once they have completed their course!

Display GamiPress achievements based on LearnDash course enrolment!

Course-based Achievements for LearnDash and GamiPress

This add-on for both GamiPress and LearnDash adds the ability to associate GamiPress Achievements to specific LearnDash courses, meaning that the user will only see that an achievement is available to unlock, or has been unlocked, as long as they are actively enrolled in the selected course.

This makes each user's achievement hunting experience more relatable and fun, as only achievements that the user is actually capable of unlocking will ever be displayed!

Discover eLearning delivers custom feature development services for course creators using LearnDash LMS.

Check out some of our recent customisations:

Pre-Assess Your Learners Prior To Enrolling Them Onto The Right Course

Self-Diagnostic Assessment Tools for LearnDash LMS

Our Self-Diagnostic Tool for LearnDash LMS allows for learners to complete a pre-assessment check before they are enrolled onto any courses/groups on your platform.

This is particularly useful if you need to automate the process of assigning your learners onto the correct learning pathway on your platform dependent on their existing skill level. You can also use this tool to assign users to courses based on other questions you may wish to ask such as geographical location or organisation. A fully customised experience will be developed for you by our development team.

Increase Learner Engagement Through Game Based Competition

Game Based Leaderboard Systems for LearnDash LMS

If you are looking to create a full gamification experience for your learners within your LearnDash LMS platform, then our live leaderboard system will help to ramp up competitiveness and increase motivation for your users to come out on top!

Using our leaderboard system, information can be passed from your quiz or game based eLearning content such as name, team, scores and achievements awarded during an activity, and displayed on a front-end leaderboard page which the user can access to compare their results with other users. Please take a look at our video on this page for a full overview of what the user experience can look like. Our development team will work with you to create a fully customised experience to your required standard.