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The Internet is a wonderfully creative place full of inspiration that you can harness when approaching your next creative project. If you work as an Instructional Designer, or as an eLearning Developer like ourselves, you can find an array of helpful assets that can help get your project off to a flying start, the trick is knowing where to look! In this article we are going to share 5 websites which you can sign up to or check out for yourself right now to find useful content to help with your next project:

1 – Articulate’s e-Learning Heroes – 

The official worldwide Articulate user community site is full of eLearning professionals willing to help you out when you get stuck using professional development software, as well as sharing valuable resources and templates that can help kickstart your online course development project. We should know! Discover eLearning are members of the community ourselves and have shared a number of our own templates which have been downloaded hundreds of times across the world.

2 – Creative Market

Creative Market is an online digital marketplace full of graphics, fonts, vectors and other fantastic pieces of digital artwork. You may not know that Creative Market give away a number of free goods every week! So keep popping back and over time you will be able to build up your collection of eLearning assets!

3 – Incompetech – Royalty Free Music

Kevin MacLeod’s website has been going for many years now, and he continues to provide a variety of different pieces of self-composed musical pieces that he releases on a Creative Commons licence. His music has been featured on national TV programmes and radio commercials, and perhaps you may find a track which suits your next development project quite nicely.

4 – GoConqr

A relatively new edtech initative all around provide a means for learners to revise for their studies or exams using a number of helpful tools such as flashcards, pop quizzes and mind maps. We have featured it on this list because the resources are all community made, and most of them are open access meaning anyone can freely use the resources. You may be looking for ideas to build quizzes or game based learning on a particular topic, and searching for that topic in GoConqr may very well display some ideas.

5 – Right here at Discover eLearning!

That’s right! We can include ourselves in this list because as of last month, Discover eLearning now provides a variety of professional quality Articulate Storyline 2 templates on our website that are free for anyone to download and use. All that we ask is that you obey our Creative Commons licencing agreement and share anything that you create with the rest of the world on your own website. We will be adding even more resources to our site over time, so do keep coming back for more!

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports SMEs and large firms through the process of integrating eLearning into their organisation. Chris has over 10 years experience working in Higher Education, Independent Training Provider Sector and Charity Sector learning and development.

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