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As our popular Certificate Shortcodes addon plugin for LearnDash has reached treble digit downloads for this year alone, I wanted to highlight the great features that many LearnDash users are taking advantage of through this FREE ADDON, also I’d like to touch on the great feeling that being able to help the LearnDash LMS community through support and plugins such as those sold on our Web Store brings to the overall satisfaction of running a business like Discover eLearning.

Our Certificate Shortcode plugin provides a very simple method of expanding the available variable values that can be taken from a User’s Profile page. Essentially anything is up for grabs for printing on a LearnDash Certificate using this plugin.

What I highlighted in my original video was how the plugin works great with plugins that work to add values in to User Profiles at the point of account creation, ie. When someone purchases a course product through WooCommerce. Using Flexible Checkout Fields as an example, you can see how values that a user inputs during the checkout process can be very easily ported for inclusion in a LearnDash Certificate template.

What the plugin offers is much more than what we actually give it credit for, or indeed what we market the plugin to be! Because ultimately this is a tool which can convert any field in a User Profile in to a shortcode that can be used ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE(!) on your WordPress site. So even if you are not looking to pimp up your LearnDash Certificates but need a solution to print dynamic user data via the shortcode method, then you need look no further! As our free addon has you covered.

This plugin sits alongside many other free solutions that we offer through the Discover eLearning webstore, and it delights me very much to see downloads occurring at a near daily rate now for these addons. I hope to deliver more great, handy features in the future, and in the mean time if you are looking for support with your LearnDash site or are looking for technical expertise to get your next project off the ground, then by all means get in touch!

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports SMEs and large firms through the process of integrating eLearning into their organisation. Chris has over 10 years experience working in Higher Education, Independent Training Provider Sector and Charity Sector learning and development.

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