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eLearning Magic

Toolkit For Storyline

Professional Productivity WordPress Plugin

New to v2.4 – ElevenLabs Support has arrived!

Supercharge your Articulate Storyline eLearning content with a huge selection of cutting-edge AI feature enhancements, incl. ChatGPT, Dall-E 3, and ElevenLabs integration. You will be amazed at what you can create!

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eLearning Magic Toolkit Enhances What Articulate Storyline Developers Can Accomplish Using WordPress:

Transfer Storyline Variables Into WordPress Easily

Integrate ChatGPT Into Your Articulate Storyline eLearning Content

eLearning Magic Toolkit Provides The Connection Between Your Storyline Content and ChatGPT!

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a revolutionary technology that opens up so many amazing opportunities for eLearning developers to create fully bespoke, informative, and engaging AI-enhanced online learning experiences.

Now with the power of our brand new plugin for WordPress, we make it even simpler for Storyline developers to utilise ChatGPT in their online learning experiences.

With the eLearning Magic Toolkit, any Storyline activity hosted on your WordPress site is capable of connecting and utilising the ChatGPT API. You’ll be amazed at what you can create! But if you need a little help we also include some fantastic ChatGPT code recipes to get you started.

All it takes is our eLearning Magic Toolkit plugin for WordPress and a simple Execute JavaScript trigger added to your Storyline projects!

Transfer Storyline Variables Into WordPress Easily

Store and recall user variables between Articulate Storyline activities

Connect your Storyline activities together in ways never before possible!

Articulate Storyline just got more powerful. With the eLearning Magic Toolkit plugin for WordPress, course developers can for the very first time easily transfer any users’ custom variable data from Storyline into WordPress – so you can create progressive learning content that builds on prior learning experiences.

eLearning Magic Toolkit helps you to build continuous learning into your courses in a few simple clicks. It keeps learners engaged, personalises your programme, and creates a cohesive learning experience.

Transfer Variables Between Articulate Storyline Projects

Create eLearning activities, games, and/or text entry interactions in one Storyline module, and then carry the same user variable data into the next. Crystallise learning through a connected approach, creating a fluid, unique experience for every learner.

View & Edit Variable Data In WordPress User Profiles

Store your variable data in WordPress so it can be viewed by learners and tutors. It’s a great way to capture any custom data from Storyline about the learner for tutors to identify gaps in learning, provide feedback, and understand the learner’s engagement level.

Display Variables Anywhere With A Simple Shortcode

Our handy shortcode enables you to display dynamic content at the drop of a hat. Display as many custom variables as you like – it’s a quick, simple way to tailor your course to individual learners, or to build your own custom report screens or activity leaderboards in WordPress!

“eLearning Magic Toolkit For Storyline allows us to connect our eLearning courses together for a more tailored and personalised online user experience. The possibilities really are endless!”

Jonathan YaseenLead Instructional Designer, Northumbria University Newcastle

If your WordPress site uses LearnDash LMS to deliver courses then eLearning Magic Toolkit provides even more amazing features:

JavaScript Code Screenshot

Who Can Benefit From The eLearning Magic Toolkit?

Storyline Developers & Learning Experience Designers

Create meaningful learning experiences that take full advantage of user data with simple, easy to implement JavaScript code.

Learners & Students

eLearning Magic Toolkit helps to make learning feel more modern, engaging, and personal, helping to teach, motivate and qualify a new generation of learners.

Tutors, Teachers & Learning Support Staff Members

Build rich online learning experiences that deliver personalised and tailored feedback specific to every student.  

All Features You Can Take Advantage Of Today Using eLearning Magic Toolkit:


Connect Your eLearning Content To The Official ChatGPT API

Our plugin provides the ability to edit parameters of ChatGPT in order to achieve the results you need in Storyline.

Save and Recall User Variables Between Storyline Activities

Use our Execute JavaScript code snippet to save user variables at any time during an eLearning experience to be used later in other creative ways.

Mark LearnDash Lesson and Topic Pages As Complete

Using a simple Execute JavaScript trigger you can determine the precise moment when a LearnDash course step is marked as complete.

Hide and Reveal LearnDash Mark Complete Button

You can determine the precise moment that the user can click the LearnDash 'Mark Complete' button based on an action within your learning content.

Instantly Create User Leaderboards

Using a simple shortcode and any numeric variable from one of your Storyline-built game based learning experiences.

Grab The User's Name From Your Site In Storyline

Activate a setting on any LearnDash Lesson or Topic page in order to easily grab the current user's name as a JS variable in Storyline.

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Your purchase of eLearning Magic Toolkit comes with a no questions asked 14 day refund guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover eLearning are the leading experts in the application of Articulate Storyline eLearning and WordPress to create outstanding user experiences.

What version of Articulate Storyline do I need to use this plugin?

eLearning Magic Toolkit For Articulate Storyline has been fully tested for Articulate Storyline 360. We will provide support for the latest versions of this software.

Is the OpenAI (ChatGPT/Dall-E) or ElevenLabs API free to use?

To use the ChatGPT integration features of the eLearning Magic Toolkit, you will require a Secret Key for the gpt-3.5-turbo API.

You will be able to obtain a Secret Key once you have created your own OpenAI account.

You will need to be aware of the charges being made to your account with use over time, but should note (at this moment) the GPT API is a fairly low cost solution to implement for sending and receiving chat messages.

Do I need to be able to understand JavaScript to use eLearning Magic Toolkit?

Some knowledge of JavaScript coding would be advantagous – however we do provide the Javascript code you need to use eLearning Magic Toolkit in Storyline, which you can find in our Knowledge Base.

You’ll just need administrative access to your WordPress site in order to upload your content and set things up.

Is your plugin compatible with LearnDash / LifterLMS / LearnPress?

Though you don’t need any other plugin installed to use eLearning Magic Toolkit, our plugin will work absolutely fine if your Storyline content is published to a specialised post or page on your site, such as a lesson or topic page within your chosen WordPress LMS platform.

We use Tin Canny Reporting to upload our Storyline files to WordPress. Is your plugin compatible?

Yes! Our plugin has been fully tested with Tin Canny Reporting and works perfectly well. Just make sure to display your content in either an iframe or lightbox, and not to open in a new tab (as this setting is incompatible with eLearning Magic Toolkit).

Will eLearning Magic Toolkit work for logged out users? (Guests)

Only certain features of the eLearning Magic Toolkit are unavailable when logged out (unauthenticated) users are accessing your site and interacting with your Storyline content. This includes the store and recall variable functionality, the ability to access the user’s name as a JS variable.

Using eLearning Magic Toolkit to create ChatGPT enhances experiences will work as normal for either logged in or logged out users.

Which Variable Types Can Be Saved/Recalled From WordPress Using The Plugin?

eLearning Magic Toolkit works with both Text and Number Variable Types in Articulate Storyline.

Can I use eLearning Magic Toolkit For Storyline if I don't use WordPress?

No – eLearning Magic Toolkit is designed to further integrate Articulate Storyline with WordPress, so you’ll need to be running a WordPress-based website in order to use the plugin.

What happened to the Lesson & Topic Progression Using Storyline plugin you used to sell?

We took the decision to amalgamate a number of our smaller plugins which added features to either WordPress, LearnDash, or Storyline360 into one single plugin moving forward – The eLearning Magic Toolkit. This allows us to focus our efforts on one single plugin that gives everybody the best possible features rolled into one, thus also saving space in your plugin library.

I need some support using the eLearning Magic Toolkit. Can you help?

Yes! Our comprehensive support plans mean you can always call on us to help if you need some assistance using this or any of our other plugins.

What if eLearning Magic Toolkit For Storyline isn't for me?

All licence purchases for the eLearning Magic Toolkit For Storyline and WordPress plugin come with a no questions asked 14 day refund policy, so you can buy from us with confidence.

Plugin Specification For WordPress

Version: 2.4.1
Last Updated: Apr 23rd, 2024
Requirements: WordPress 4.5+ , PHP 7.0+

Looking For Further Help?

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn how to use eLearning Magic Toolkit, and to discover Execute JavaScript recipes that you can use to get ChatGPT to do amazing things in your online learning content.

If you have any other questions about our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Everything you need to get started using the eLearning Magic Toolkit.

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