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Supercharge Your Articulate Storyline Projects Using The Full Power Of ChatGPT!

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ChatGPT opens up an amazing world of opportunities to create fully bespoke, informative, and engaging AI-enhanced online learning experiences!

Regular viewers of the Discover eLearning YouTube Channel will be aware that we have been experimenting with the ChatGPT API for several weeks now and with every new idea tested we have been simply blown away by what this new technology is capable of.

We want to put all of our findings into more eLearning developers’ hands to discover for yourself what is possible by putting you on the shortcut path to success using the gpt-3.5-turbo API!

Not only will this course teach all of the technical aspects for setting up your own local ChatGPT server to direct requests made from Articulate Storyline to the GPT API, but also all of the theory need to engineer the best and most useful responses from the API, which we have learned and continue to learn everyday from our own testing!

Meaning we will be keeping this course up-to-date with even more ideas and changes to what is possible with the API as we discover them. No need to repurchase!.. Just keep coming back to watch more learning chapters added to the course!

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What Am I Going To Learn During This Course?

Setting Up Your Own Local ChatGPT Server From Scratch Using Node.JS

Using Microsoft Visual Studio Code we will guide you through the steps to take in order to set up your own simple Node.JS application to communicate directly with the ChatGPT API. We will conduct all req/res calls to the API through our application meaning that our OpenAI account credentials remain completely secure throughout.

Building Your Very First Chatbot Project Taking Advantage Of The Full Capabilities Of ChatGPT

Once we have set up our application and have this running on our localhost we will be ready to jump into Articulate Storyline in order to create our first ChatGPT-enhanced project, a chatbot experience with answers being fed directly from ChatGPT to the Storyline user interface!

How To Engineer Your Prompts To Achieve The Best Possible Responses To Automate Actions In Articulate Storyline

Being able to send and receive messages to the ChatGPT API is only the start of our journey. More important is what’s to come, and what we have spent a long time testing and experimenting in order to understand how to ‘engineer’ our prompts to the ChatGPT server to create the most reliable and useful responses.

During the course we will show you how we can train the ChatGPT API to provide responses in a format which we can use to trigger automation within our project, as well as being able to split responses for use across different variables and actions in a Storyline project.

Full Course Contents

Lesson One – Building Your Own ChatGPT API Application

  • Installing Visual Studio Code (2:20mins)
  • Setting Up Your OpenAI Developer Account (1:50mins)
  • Setting Up Your Node.JS App Dependencies (3:30mins)
  • Defining Your Environment Variables (2:10mins)
  • Building Your First ChatGPT API App – Part One (6:20mins)
  • Building Your First ChatGPT API App – Part Two (9:30mins)
  • Creating A Simple Storyline Activity To Interface With Our App (4:00mins)

Lesson Two – Building Your First ChatGPT-Powered Chatbot in Storyline

  • Preparing Our App To Pass In A User Prompt (8:10mins)
  • Assigning The ChatGPT Response To A Storyline Variable (3:20mins)
  • Ideas For Further Customising Your Project (2:20mins)

Lesson Three – Upgrading Your Project To Create Conversations With ChatGPT

  • How Does Conversation Work Using The ChatGPT API? (2:20mins)
  • Upgrading Our App To Process Conversation Data – Part 1 (4:50mins)
  • Upgrading Our App To Process Conversation Data – Part 2 (5:40mins)
  • Storing And Posting Conversation History To The ChatGPT API (8:30mins)
  • Moving The Scrolling Panel Position Automatically Using JS (02:10mins)
  • Summary (2:00mins)

Lesson Four – Delivering Tailored User Feedback With ChatGPT In Storyline

  • Does AI Spell The End For ‘Model Answer’ Feedback? (2:00mins)
  • Engineering Our Prompt To Achieve The Result We Need (4:00mins)
  • Building and Coding in Articulate Storyline – Part 1 (6:40mins)
  • Building and Coding in Articulate Storyline – Part 2 (8:10mins)
  • Planning For Prompt And Response Edge Cases – Tip #1 (9:40mins)
  • Planning For Prompt And Response Edge Cases – Tip #2 (2:20mins)

Lesson Five – Generating An Entire Quiz Activity In Storyline Using ChatGPT

  • Putting Generative AI To Work In Articulate Storyline (1:40mins)
  • Engineering Our Prompt To Achieve The Result We Need (3:10mins)
  • Building and Coding in Articulate Storyline – Part 1 (6:10mins)
  • Building and Coding in Articulate Storyline – Part 2 (7:00mins)
  • Setting The Quiz Topic In A Published Project (3:00mins)
  • Lesson Summary (2:00mins)

Lesson Six – Create A Dynamic Revision Flashcard Activity In Storyline Using ChatGPT and Dall-E 2

  • Lesson Introduction and ChatGPT Latest Updates (4:50mins)
  • Upgrading Your Node.JS Project (6:50mins)
  • Writing Our Image Generation Function in Storyline (10:40mins)
  • Displaying The Generated Image To The User (6:15mins)
  • Build A Revision Flashcard Project – Part 01 (7:40mins)
  • Build A Revision Flashcard Project – Part 02 (9:35mins)
  • Build A Revision Flashcard Project – Part 03 (6:00mins)
  • Engineering Our Prompt To Achieve Consistent Results (3:25mins)
  • Creating AI-Generated Content In Storyline – Part 1 (10:05mins)
  • Creating AI-Generated Content In Storyline – Part 2 (7:40mins)
  • Final Thoughts on Generative AI Image APIs (2:05mins)

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to get in touch with us.

What version of Articulate Storyline will I need to follow along with the course?

We will be building all tutorial chapters for this course using Articulate Storyline 360, but version 3 should work absolutely fine also.

Does it matter that I don't know anything about Node.JS?

Not at all! The purpose of the course is to teach you how to use this language, and we will be explaining each section of code as we go. By the end of the course you will have developed a good understanding of how each section of your Node.JS code works to integrate Articulate Storyline learning content with the ChatGPT API.

Will we be using version 3.5 or 4.0 of the GPT API during this course?

We will be making requests to the gpt-3.5-turbo API during the course as this is the version which we have access to ourselves at this moment. Once the 4.0 version API becomes more openly available for developer use we will update the contents of our course accordingly, or create entirely new learning chapters covering the capabilities of the 4.0 API!

Do I need to have a web server in order to host my Node.JS App and my Storyline content?

Not for the purposes of our course. We will be conducting all development locally, meaning that we won’t be publishing either our Node.JS app or our Articulate Storyline content to the web. During the course we will briefly touch on the steps you can take in order to make your GPT API application available via the web, but as there are many option to consider such as pricing, security, level of access, etc. we won’t be guiding you much in that regard leaving you free to find the best option for your own circumstances.

Is this ChatGPT API free to use in this way?

The gpt-3.5-turbo API is a premium API solution for which you will be charged for use. In order to use the API you will need to register for a secret key from OpenAI which we will be programming into our app. You will need to be aware of the charges being made to your account with use over time, but should note (at this moment) the GPT API is a fairly low cost solution to implement.

Can I use my Mac to follow along with this course?

Yes you can! We’ll be recording on a Windows PC, but if you use a Mac (e.g. with a virtual machine application installed in order to run Articulate Storyline) then you can still follow along with this course as the other software we will be using (Microsoft Visual Studio Code) is available to install across multiple platforms.

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