Course-based Achievements for LearnDash and GamiPress

Changes the default behaviour of GamiPress so that learners will only see the badges/achievements that they are able to unlock or have unlocked based on their course enrolment status.

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This add-on for both GamiPress and LearnDash adds the ability to associate GamiPress Achievements to specific LearnDash courses, meaning that the user will only see that an achievement is available to unlock, or has been unlocked, as long as they are actively enrolled in the selected course.

This makes each user’s achievement hunting experience more relatable and fun, as only achievements that the user is actually capable of unlocking will ever be displayed!

The plugin adds a new box to the Edit Screen for all achievements created in GamiPress. Once an achievement has been associated with a LearnDash course, you can continue to use the default gamipress_achievements shortcode as normal in order to display user achievements on screen. With the plugin activated, any achievement associated to a course that the current user is not enrolled into will not be shown on screen, nor can it be searched for using the search bar.

  1. Eve Rogers

    I am so happy to find out this plugin. Thanks to Developer of this plugin. This really saved my time. The main advantage of this plugin is that it sticks the user/students to our site.

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