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Keep your learners clicking with this FREE game show inspired template for Articulate Storyline.

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Using this gamification template for Articulate Storyline you can customise both the game board and questions to create a question-set completely of your own choosing. All animations and slide triggers are included that make the game work. Everything is customisable as you may wish!

Your version of Articulate Storyline must be at least 2.0 in order to open this project.

Developer Guide

Customising The Game

There is a lot of logic going on behind the scenes in order to make the game function correctly, this means that the Triggers pane for each layer looks fairly busy. But it is actually quite easy to customise the game in order to add your own questions:

  • Simply open up each slide layer for the corresponding letter and edit the text on the layer to add your own question. Then scroll down in the Triggers pane, towards the bottom you should see 6 trigger events which only occur if the variable within the answer box is a certain word or phrase. Change the word for ALL 6 Triggers to the answer to your question. Preview the Storyline file to make sure it has worked ok.
  • If you want to change the letters on the board to something else then this is more complicated to do but still achievable. Just make sure that you edit both the main slide and the letter’s layer content, you can actually leave the trigger conditions as they are, though be aware that if you discover a bug it may be harder to find as I have named each trigger and variable after the original letter (ie. AAnswer, ADone).

Try The Demo!

Blockbusters Storyline Template

Click on the image to launch the demo.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this resourse. Fantastic!

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