Summer Holidays
Dream Getaways
EPCOT Spaceship Earth



  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • ChatGPT
  • Dall-E 2
  • Node.JS
  • JavaScript
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Welcome To Your Dream Holiday Designed Entirely For You By AI!

It’s an interesting idea for the future – if we continue to feed as much information as we currently do about our lives (and even our personal health through wearable devices etc.) then will AI end up knowing what we need most from our holiday/vacation time better than we know ourselves!

When I was building this project I was constantly reminded of a moment on the fantastic Spaceship Earth ride at EPCOT in Disney World where you are asked a series of questions through a touchscreen and the ride builds a cartoon for you (along with a photograph of your own face superimposed onto the characters) of what your future might look like with all the marvels of futuristic technology having an impact on your life.

What you like to do for a holiday was one of those topics, and the things you see your character do are shaped by your decisions.

This activity is very much reminiscent to that experience, and certainly could be even more finely tuned if options were included to type into freeform text boxes as well as the T/F variable slider options.

It was another great opportunity to experiment with chained AI automation within Storyline utilising both ChatGPT and Dall-E 2 Generative APIs. This is a topic that we cover extensively in our Advanced eLearning Developer series online course on how to integrate AI with Articulate Storyline 360. Be sure to check this out if you are interested in learning how to build a project like this for yourself.

This project is no longer available to play live on our website – We are keeping an eye on our current OpenAI spending for this and future projects, and therefore have made the decision to remove this activity from the website.

You can however still play! Just get in touch with us and we will provide you with your own private access link.