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  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • JavaScript (& JSON)
ELH Challenge Info

This project was submitted to the E-Learning Heroes Challenge #349 – Using Click-And-Reveals to Show More Info in E-Learning

Using Public JSON Datasets To Create Web Apps Using Storyline

When it comes to Storyline development, what I have been driven by most in 2021 is how we can make the experience of taking an eLearning course or activity feel less of an isolated, single-person experience, and introduce ways in which communication and engagement with peers can take place not just after but also during an activity itself.

This is one of the key drivers behind our work on Variable Magic For Storyline, which makes it super easy for course builders to create a connected experience between eLearning activities built in Storyline, so that the learner always feels like the are being listened to, and that learning can adapt and evolve around them based on the input and choices they make.

We utilise JSON quite heavily to make Variable Magic work, and it is JSON that once again comes into play in this Storyline web app demo. I’m always amazed by what is possible using JavaScript, and when I discovered this list of publicly accessible datasets (shared by organisations like NASA) then, well…it was play time!