Frontier: Elite 2

The Brutalist movement



  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Adobe Photoshop
ELH Challenge Info

An Homage To A Classic Of The Amiga Age Of Gaming

I never owned an Amiga myself and it was actually my brother who had this game.

Still I have very strong memories of the rare occasions where I would be allowed into his room to play Frontier: Elite 2 and there were so many things about it that at the time were revolutionary, from the endless galaxies (created by Braben’s incredible algorithms), planets, space ports and space stations where you could fly up to every one and dock.

Seeing the topic of this week’s challenge over on the ELH forum made me thing of the brutalist art style that existed in the game, both with the 3d procedurally-generated building models and some of the game’s UI.

Though in the end I made some modifications to make some of the screens better fit with modern web standards, such as ensuring all hotspots have hover states (something which the game itself does not).

In the end though I couldn’t change the font style from the classic Amiga Frontier font face to something more readable. I can imagine some people might feedback that parts are too difficult to read, which I would agree with, but in the end changing to anything else just didn’t feel right.