The Wizarding World
Virtual Tours
Generative AI



  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Blockade Labs Skybox AI
  • Adobe Photoshop Beta (Firefly)
Additional Credits
Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: 2YYIHNCFWBPJ0SNM

PlayHT – Reynaldo 1.0 Voice Sample

Take A Tour Of A Magical Castle Generated Entirely Using AI

One of the coolest and most impressive AI-enabled generative image tools available to play with online right now has to be Skybox AI by Blockade Labs!

Using this tool, which is currently free to use even without signing up for an account, we can create amazing-looking 360 degree images that are fully compatible with Articulate Storyline’s 360° Image Tool for building interactive virtual tour-style experiences.

When building this project I also took the opportunity to experiment with the latest generative image features included in the latest Adobe Photoshop Beta release. I discovered during this process that adding AI-generated content into existing 360° images works extremely well when switching over to Photoshop’s 3D Spherical Panorama view.

Are you interested in learning how this trick is achieved? Check out our Storyline Magic Series episode covering this full process as a step-by-step tutorial! –

Updated for ELH Challenge 428 – Using Cinemagraphs and Video Backgrounds in E-Learning

I was very thankful for this new ELH Challenge coming along this week as it gave me the push I needed to completely finish this project in the way I intended!

Now the virtual tour includes animated video backgrounds for the 360° scenes, a special JavaScript function to replace the hotspot tooltips with magical scrolls, and a full background music and voiceover track which can be muted if you wish using the interface.