Using simulation technology to help speed up the process of supporting npower customers during support calls.

Working for RWE npower at their customer support office in West Rainton, Chris became involved in implementing new and innovative staff development schemes aimed at better assisting Customer Support Agents at the point of need, specifically when npower customers phoned up for assistance with their Smart Energy Displays (SED), which are npower’s own smart meters.

Working collaboratively with Rainton House’s Training and Development Team, a strategy was storyboarded and implemented involving the creation of ‘Virtual SED’ devices that could be interacted with during support calls.

Our Solution

Instantly Accessible Virtual Devices, Made Available Through The Organisation Learning Management System.

After working through an iterative process of storyboarding how an agent could interact with a virtual SED by going through each of the key features and menu screens, Chris set about building and programming the UI.

The end product is a fully interactive virtual representation of all SED variations potentially being used by an end customer. This point-of-need training approach allowed agents to understand what the customer may be looking at on their device, offering real time guidance and taking them through any process step-by-step.

The impact of this meant that not only would the agents be able to become more familiar with the hardware in their own time, but they would also be able to use them whilst on the phone to customers.

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