Custom LMS Solution for Trauma Resus

Creating an LMS solution for a dual delivery business model

Business growth is a priority for any training provider. So when Trauma & Resuscitation Services (Trauma Resus) found themselves held back by manual processes and out-of-the-box solutions, they sought a custom-built WordPress-based LMS from Discover eLearning.

“We needed an LMS that could administer and manage the delivery of practical face-to-face training courses,” says John Harrop, Finance & Business Planning Manager at Trauma Resus. “While it needed to include an eLearning capability, our main requirement was that of managing the delivery of practical, hands-on courses.”

As the UK’s leading provider of advanced first aid training, Trauma Resus provides high quality, effective courses, which are designed to transform patient care, improve patient outcomes, and save lives.

Advanced first aid and trauma training may literally represent the difference between life and death — so our solution had to facilitate the delivery of face-to-face courses that are hands-on, relevant, and memorable.

Trauma Resus uses two training delivery models: direct delivery, in which they train first aid practitioners directly, and cascade delivery, in which they train client instructors to deliver training within their own organisations. Our solution needed bespoke functionality for both delivery streams, including:

Face-to-face training session monitoring and management

Admin functionality for both our staff and clients to manage cascade delivery

Monitoring of certificate expiry dates to schedule timely requalification.

After consulting with director Chris Hodgson, Trauma Resus chose Discover eLearning to create a custom-built, WordPress-based LMS — and provide expert consultancy services.

Our Solution

Building a bespoke LMS that meets every business need

With their requirements clearly identified, we knew a highly customisable platform like LearnDash would be the perfect base for Trauma Resus’s LMS. We could make use of WordPress’s extensive range of plugins to create a bespoke system.

Our solution met all their requirements. In addition to the initial LMS — including a pre-course eLearning course  — we’ve also created additional custom features to automate admin tasks, saving time and money:

  • Face-to-face training feedback reporting — this custom report displays practical session performance. It’s generated in seconds — saving the Trauma Resus team half a day’s work every time it’s run across the entire client base
  • Requalification and Renewals reporting — this custom report tells admin teams when each learner’s certificate is due to expire, ensuring that students’ qualifications remain in date
  • Practical session logging — using a customised third party WordPress plugin, group leaders can use the LMS to record attendance practical refresher sessions
  • Custom certification — industry-recognised certification numbers can be logged on the system and allocated to certificates.

Using these features, the Trauma Resus team can easily track, manage and monitor all their face-to-face training — whether direct or cascade delivered.

Custom LMS Solution for Trauma Resus
Our custom-built reporting solutions extend the available features of WordPress + LearnDash LMS with detailed visual reports that can be generated in seconds for Group Leaders. There’s also the option to export custom reports to a PDF file in order to save or print for offline use.
Custom LMS Solution for Trauma Resus
Discover eLearning work with the most cutting-edge and modern online learning facilitation tools available for WordPress, providing technical development and customisation services in order to deliver platform features that enhance business functions and demonstrate the highest quality to our client’s own customers.
Our Solution

Customisation and consultancy: an LMS for business growth

With their bespoke LMS now in place, Trauma Resus is rapidly expanding its business. Over the last 2 years, they’ve gone from 2000 students to now managing 6,200 via the LMS — increased by a factor of 3.

And it’s not just their student numbers that have increased. Discover eLearning’s LMS has also boosted staff admin time by approximately 50% — so staff have more time to spend on providing a fantastic learning experience.

“There’s now much more sophisticated management information available to both ourselves and our clients,” says John, “and our training revenues have more than doubled.”

90% of Trauma Resus students are now completing a full online learning induction and blended learning programme supported by their new LMS platform. At Discover eLearning, we’re proud to have built, maintained, and enhanced this system — and we’re excited to continue working with Trauma Resus in the future.

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