Paying close attention to our client's requirements in order to produce a truly unique digital learning platform targeted at schools.

Gibber are a drama based training provider with offices in North East England and Australia.

One of the company’s key target demographics are schools, with younger audiences being continually engaged and highly receptive to Gibber’s unique learning experiences, based around immersive storytelling and scenario-focused learning put on by actors and the eccentric characters they often portray.

Like many live training provider organisations, Gibber’s core business model was hit hard as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the company had to swiftly adapt their strategy in response to the growing demand by client institutions for their upcoming ‘Why Care’ programme, originally scheduled to take place across 151 schools in the North East and Cumbria area, to instead be made available online.

Gibber approached Chris Hodgson at Discover eLearning with their project brief, and following a short ‘needs analysis’ process, an ambitious creative development roadmap was set in motion.

Our Solution

A LearnDash platform custom designed for a younger audience, putting the learning content at the heart of the user experience.

Working to a launch timescale crucial to the success of Gibber’s new online learning strategy, Discover eLearning set about building a completely original and bespoke digital learning platform solution, accessible via the world wide web, based on WordPress and LearnDash LMS.

Careful attention was paid to the end user experience at all times, with the user journey all flowing through a central area of the platform called the ‘Gibber Dashboard’, which acts as the central hub for information given to the student about their courses, progress, unlocked rewards, and access to other available resources.

The digital learning journey taken by students in the ‘Why Care: The Gameshow‘ online course is mainly delivered through video, which is complemented with the use of interactive challenges, quizzes, and surveys.

As well as this, the site is intended to act as a membership platform for participating schools, meaning that we needed to create a simple registration system tied into school email address domain names, leading to the availability of further resources and content that may be made available over time to students of those institutions.

Discover eLearning closely followed the Gibber brand guidelines, producing a learning platform that is bright, fresh, clean, professional, fun, friendly and inspiring.
Our Solution

Customised User Management And Learning Analytics Capabilities.

An important technical requirement of our project with Gibber was for the learning platform to provide the user management and reporting capabilities required at both an institution level, as well as an overall platform engagement level for Gibber management to effectively report on the impact of their online campaigns to external stakeholders.

Discover eLearning was able to create tailored roles within the platform for both teachers, teaching staff, and administrators to gain access to unique areas of the platform for classroom group management and reporting purposes.

Gibber can also run reports directly from within the learning management system to provide learning analytics data required for effective reporting within their business.

What Has Been The Result For Our Clients…

Gibber have had an overwhelmingly positive response from schools about the Why Care? Education Online offer.

Since launch (as of June 9th 2021), the learning platform has been promoted to 193 schools, with approximately 101 schools expressing interest leading to a potential 17,486 students who will access it.

Their target is to reach at least 20,000 young people by the end of the 2021 academic year.

Many students from the initial pilot of the Why Care? Game Show online programme have expressed how brilliant it looks, and are looking forward to accessing more digital resources being made available soon.

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