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Discover eLearning feels privileged to have supported a non-profit organisation based in the United States, almost from the very start of launching our own business in the UK. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, the Speak Life Foundation is dedicated to giving young people the skills needed to build a solid start in life.

The foundation aims to give its students a new way of thinking, fostering an environment where the value of education, self-love, mutual respect, and an attitude of appreciation form the foundation for their development.

They have provided programming for over 15,000 students since their inception in 2008 and continue to provide the tools that enable young people to achieve academically, be productive members of society, and realise their career aspirations post-education.

When Mia from Speak Life contacted Chris from Discover eLearning to deliver an outstanding web-based user experience that wraps around their curriculum, he knew it would require impeccable communication skills.

Our Solution

Communication and collaboration across continents

Speak Life asked Discover eLearning to develop Speak Life Essentials, a digital platform intended to make implementing the Speak Life curriculum simpler for schools and educators. The platform makes navigating and accessing a wide range of important subject matter that the curriculum offers a very simple process.

The platform was designed to both manage the online facilitation of course content, as well as the membership enrolment for students and client school districts. Due to dealing with such important and often complex subjects, it was vital to communicate effectively with the client.

With Speak Life’s mission being to facilitate communication between young people and the surrounding community, it was essential that we got the tone of their message right alongside our usual aim of delighting users and ensuring the teaching material is retained.

The Speak Life Essential Curriculum equips educators with the tools they need to deliver over different 40 program sessions, aimed at promoting collaboration, self-reflection and positive forward-facing focus for each participant.
Our Solution

A bespoke eLearning experience designed to make a difference

As with all his international projects, Chris utilised communication technology as much as possible to bridge the gap between the UK and US and help the project run smoothly.

Chris aimed to be as conscientious a developer as he could, extending his own working hours to accommodate the client. Sometimes it was as simple as setting a meeting time on Skype and sticking to the appointment to keep them fully updated despite the time difference.

At other times it involved ensuring the client was getting the best value from the new technology – this was Speak Life’s first eLearning project, meaning Chris used simple (yet full) explanations and avoided jargon. Speak Life did likewise regarding the course subject matter, and together they created a community-minded product they could be proud of.

What The Clients Had To Say…

Watch our interview with Mia Thornton, CEO of Speak Life Foundation, Inc.

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