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Many business owners say they were reluctant to adopt eLearning due to it being considered too expensive and time consuming. However, Discover eLearning have proved time and time again that this is simply not true.

One of our clients with these concerns was Oakwood Training. Oakwood are mental health and personal safety specialists offering courses to help their clients ensure a happy, healthy and productive working environment.

One of their most popular courses is Mental Health in the Workplace. It teaches colleagues how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health at work, and how to help if they do.

Oakwood were keen to develop an eLearning course in order to expand this service to a much larger market, but didn’t believe it would be a viable option as it would require hiring a large, expensive team of developers who would spend many months tweaking high-end graphics that they simply didn’t need.

After an initial discussion with Oakwood’s director and head of training Terry Streather,
Discover eLearning’s Chris Hodgson assured him that eLearning is available for all.

Our Solution

eLearning is an option for every business – and here’s how we do it

Chris wanted to reassure Terry that eLearning is an option for anyone who wants to use it and break the misconception that it is somehow exclusive or requires a huge budget.

He also showed that Discover eLearning could create an appropriate, professional product based around Oakwood’s existing branding and style.

Following an initial meeting to properly investigate the target audience and define the learning objectives for the course, Chris set about creating a series of digital learning activities which together form the syllabus of the new online learning program.

One specific example is the opening challenge, which tests learners on what they already know (or think they know) about mental health. Developed in the format of the Million Pound Drop, the gameshow immediately grabs and engages the learner, getting them thinking right at start of the course.

By using this as a ‘demo’ of sorts for what is to come throughout the rest of the course, it immediately showed users that this eLearning is not going to be what many might expect!

Oakwood Online is a groundbreaking digital learning platform, 100% owned and managed by Oakwood Training,  providing each client with the resources and reporting tools they need to deliver great learning.
Our Solution

eLearning created with character and colour, both efficiently and affordably to exceed expectations!

The Oakwood Online Mental Health Awareness Course is now being delivered to organisations around the world through the company’s website, using LearnDash LMS to provide Oakwood with a scalable and affordable learning management toolkit that they need to effortlessly facilitate their online courses.

Terry Streather, Director and Head of Training at Oakwood Training said: “Nobody wants to sit through another boring “click next” programme. Thankfully we found Chris at Discover eLearning and working with him has been an absolute pleasure.

“He took the time to understand us, what we are about and why we are trying to do things differently.”

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