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Pushing the boundaries of what is possible using Articulate Storyline is one of our biggest motivators.

We hope that you enjoy working with any of the free Articulate Storyline project files that are available to download from our website.

If you have an idea for a new and creative way of using interactive learning to delight and engage your audience then we want to hear from you! There are many ways that you can Get in touch with us, so do reach out today!

ChatGPT integration, variable storage and transfer between projects, and so much more for Storyline Developers!

Download eLearning Magic Toolkit For Storyline

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Further increase your learners’ capability, certainty, and confidence using spaced repetition learning and gamification.

Download Impact Focus for WordPress.

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Download These Great Project Templates For Free Today!

Blockbusters Quiz Gameshow Articulate Storyline Template

Create a challenging and fun gameshow activity using this project file!

Multi-Choice Quiz Question Template for Articulate Storyline 360

This template includes a smart quiz question interface and a rewarding fireworks screen which the user can control!

2 x Parallax Image Effect Templates for Storyline

This template file for Storyline contains two slides that you can customise to create different types of parallax interaction in your next project.

'Stretchy Santa' Festive Storyline 360 Project

Help Santa to escape his Christmas Eve predicament in this fun, creative project using sliders, triggers, and GSAP.

Creative Drop-Down Menus Storyline Template

Design your own creative and animated drop down menus for users.

Retro Space-Themed Storyline 360 eLearning Project

Containing a menu slide and content slides presented in four different ways ready for editing or customising.

'Bubblegum Pop' Mouse Click Timing Challenge for Articulate Storyline 360

Discover how to use shape transitions, pause timeline states, and mouse click and release triggers to make this game entirely in Storyline!

3 x FREE Animated Interaction Templates for Articulate Storyline 360

This animated interaction template for Articulate Storyline 360 contains three unique designs that you can fully customise for your own project!

Interactive Tabbed Process Template for Storyline

Learn how slide object states and animations can be manipulated by user’s on-screen actions using this free Storyline template.

‘Black & White to Colour’ Interactive Transition Slider for Articulate Storyline 360

Create a clever transition between two images in this Storyline template file.

Colouring Book Template for Articulate Storyline

This colouring book template allows users to select their own colours to paint the image shown on screen. Use this template as a learning aid to design your own colouring book activities!

Mouse Based Parallax Effect Template for Storyline

Mouse-based parallax image effects are fun and look fantastic! Using this template you can discover how to create the same effect using Storyline.