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eLearning Heroes Challenge Submissions

Technical / Prototype projects that we have submitted to weekly eLearning industry challenges!

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Generate Your Own Text-Based Storyline Adventure

X-Ray Image Effect in Articulate Storyline 360

Easter Bunny X-Ray Image Effect Articulate Storyline

Tilt.JS in Articulate Storyline 360

3D Parallax Effect Using Tilt.JS

Divination Dawg Poster

Using Variables to Create Question-and-Answer Activities

Using Scrolling Panels to Manage Content in E-Learning

Using Brutalist Design in E-Learning

A Before and After for an image created with AI

Showing Interactive Comparisons in E-Learning

360° Video in Articulate Storyline 360

Mixology and Beverage-Making Classes with E-Learning Thumbnail

Mixology and Beverage-Making Classes with E-Learning

Controlling a character with a text entry field

Controlling A Character With A Storyline360 Text Entry Field

Vector Image Template For E-Learning Thumb

Creating E-Learning Templates from Vector Graphics – Demo + Download

Zooming and Magnifying Parts of an Image in E-Learning

GSAP Articulate Storyline 360 Demo

GSAP + Articulate Storyline ScrollTrigger Demo

CodePen Inspired Articulate Storyline Radial Menu 2022

Postcards From Bangaluru

Using Tabs Interactions in E-Learning

Conversations in eLearning Storyline

Showing Email, Chat, and Text Messaging Conversations in E-Learning

Storyline Custom Menu Thumb

Custom Table of Contents Menu for E-Learning

Using Masks For eLearning

Animated Masking and Cutout Effects in E-Learning

3 x Animated Interaction Templates using Pantone COTY 2022

Where is the ISS? – Articulate Storyline Web App

Creating Interactive 360° Images in eLearning

Tiny E-Learning: What Can You Design on a 100×100 Slide?

Using Drop-Down Menus in E-Learning

Teaching Math Online with E-Learning Activities

How to Notify Learners When to Click the Next Button in E-Learning

Using Variables to Compare Learner Answers – Dr Duvet’s Sleep Study

Is This Slide Number A Prime Number? – JavaScript and Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline Tutorial

Escape The Room – Side-Scroller Game Built In Articulate Storyline

Flappy McBirdface Articulate Storyline

Flappy McBirdface – An Articulate Storyline Challenge

Swipe Card Battlers

Swipe Card Battlers – Articulate Storyline Game

Storyline BW to Colour Slider

Black & White to Colour Slider Transition Effect


Snake! – Recreated in Articulate Storyline 360

The Lunchbox Phantom

‘The Lunchbox Phantom’ Interactive Story

Wilderness Explorer Storyline Template

Wilderness Explorer Activity – Articulate Storyline Branching Template

Scroller Slider SL2

Articulate Storyline Animated Character Slider Chase

Blockbusters Storyline Game

Blockbusters Quiz – Articulate Storyline 2 Template

Chameleon Fun Facts on iPad

Chameleon Fun Facts – eLearning Activity


Pick Up Your Flashlight… Articulate Storyline Drag and Drop Experiment