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Friends and folllowers of ours on Facebook and Twitter will now that for the last few weeks we have been dipping our toes in the world of 3D printing.

It started with us creating a 3D model of an animated character which we have been using for a suite of new video-based eLearning material for one of our current clients. We then contacted our friends at Gruvee UVP, who have been excellent to work with throughout the 3D development and printing process.

We are now really pleased to share this image of the results of our labour, and we cannot wait to share these keychains with our client’s workforce in order to spark interest and a cult following for our new digital learning material.

We plan to write a more thorough write-up of the entire journey into 3D printing on our website soon.

Mi and Mo 3D Prints

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports organisations of all sizes to implement engaging, meaningful, and impactful eLearning solutions. Chris has 15 years’ experience working in both private and public sector learning and development.

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