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If you use After Effects to create animated explainer videos or any other type of eLearning content using vector drawn content, then you may notice that when using the a Camera Layer to zoom around your stage that your graphics become blurred. This tip will help you to correct that and ensure your images are crystal sharp at all time!

Just look out for the following switch you will find in your layers panel:

This Continuously Rasterize switch, when activated on any layer on your project, will ensure that any zooming action that takes place in your composition will not effect the overall quality of the vector layers itself. You may have imported these layers in from Adobe Illustrator for example, which will display in the composition layer panel as small AI file icons.

If you don’t intend to perform any zoom actions in your scene, then it is still recommended to keep the Continuously Rasterize option turned off, in order to keep your workflow faster and to perform quicker renders.




Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports organisations of all sizes to implement engaging, meaningful, and impactful eLearning solutions. Chris has 15 years’ experience working in both private and public sector learning and development.

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