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Show Or Hide The Leaderboard Display

Introduction To The Personal Insights Campaign Leaderboard

At the bottom of every Personal Insights report screen is a box containing a leaderboard for the selected campaign. The leaderboard is built based on the correct answers given across the selected campaign for all assigned users.  If the Personal Insights page is being viewed by a Group Leader, only users within the selected LearnDash Group will be displayed in the leaderboard.

How to hide the leaderboard

If you don’t want users to see their performance against all other Campaign users, or you don’t want to include the leaderboard view as part of the Group Leader role’s reporting functionality, you can hide the leaderboard for any specific campaign.

To hide the leaderboard, first ensure the Personal Insights Add-on plugin is installed and activated on your site. Then navigate to the Edit Campaign screen for any Impact Focus Campaign (either published or in draft).

The metabox is displayed on the right hand side of the screen when you open the Campaign Settings tab:

Hide Team Leaderboard Metabox

By ticking this box and clicking the blue Publish or Update button for the campaign, you will hide the leaderboard from your users. That means when any user views the campaign Personal Insights page, the contents of the bottom box will change to show anonymised data for Total Questions Answered and Average Knowledge Score.

Personal Insights Hidden Leaderboard ViewRead the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of the Impact Focus – LearnDash LMS Add-on.

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