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Setting Up The Personal Insights Report Shortcode (For Current User)

Setting Up The Personal Insights Reporting Shortcode

Once the Personal Insights Reporting Add-on plugin has been installed and activated on your platform, you can use the dedicated shortcode to generate the frontend report dashboard on any post or page of your WordPress site.

Details of the shortcode will be displayed on the Impact Focus Settings screen in the WP Admin left hand menu:

Impact Focus Settings with Personal Insights

To display the Personal Insights report on any specific WordPress page/post, just include the following shortcode somewhere on the page:


As soon as you have published the page, any user visiting the page will see a welcome message. They’ll be asked to select any Impact Focus Campaign that they are assigned to (live or completed) so they can view their report data:

Personal Insights Reporting Screen

Hovering the mouse over any specific chart element, such as a pie chart section or a point on the radar chart, will present further information on the numerical data behind the report.

The user can scroll between days in their answer history by using the Next Day & Prev Day buttons.

A Campaign ‘Daily Challenge Leaderboard’ is also shown towards the bottom of the screen. This leaderboard allows the user to compare their results with other campaign users. This can include members of their own team if an Impact Focus Campaign has been created for a specific team, class or organisation. You can hide the leaderboard view if necessary – to do so, please see the knowledge base page on Show Or Hide The Leaderboard Display.

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of the Impact Focus – LearnDash LMS Add-on.

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