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Personal Insights Report Screen – Group Leader Functionality

Personal Insights Report Screen – Group Leader Functionality

Note that the Impact Focus LearnDash LMS Add-on plugin must be installed and active in order to take advantage of these additional features.

When a Group Leader or Admin accesses a page containing the standard Personal Insights report shortcode without the use of the User ID Attribute, i.e:


They will see a different view to a standard Subscriber role user:

Personal Insights Report Screen For Group Leaders

The interface allows the Group Leader or Administrator to select a specific user assigned to any LearnDash Group they are a Group Leader for.

Viewing insights for specific users

On the report there are two dropdown selection boxes. The first allows you to select the LearnDash Group, and the second allows you to select the user. The list of users in the second box will change depending on the group selected in the first box. Choosing a group will make it easier to find a specific user if your platform contains many user accounts.

A third and final selection box will then appear. This box allows the Group Leader to select the specific campaign to display the results for. Note that only Campaigns with assigned LearnDash Courses that the Group Leader has access to through the LearnDash Groups that they manage will be displayed in this list. Group Leaders cannot see a user’s report for a campaign they don’t have access to view.

Personal Insights Campaign Selection

Once a campaign has been selected, the Personal Insights reporting dashboard will refresh to display the Campaign Data for the selected user.

The Group Leader can change any of the dropdown selections at any time in order to view a different campaign report for the same user account, or to select a new user.

All reporting charts and widget functionality is the same as can be viewed by standard Subscriber accounts when viewing their own Personal Insights report screen.

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