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New Campaign – User Settings Tab

The User Settings Tab

The Add / Edit Campaign screen is split into three main tabs – User Settings, Question Builder, Email Settings. When creating a new campaign you should make sure to complete the configuration in all three screens before publishing.

Campaign Settings Screen

The settings within the User Settings tab screen are as follows:

Add Title – Give your campaign a memorable title using this textbox.

Assign Users – Manually assign any user on your WordPress platform to the campaign by moving them from the left-hand box to the right-hand box.

Any user listed in the right-hand box will be assigned to the campaign. They’ll receive knowledge check emails to their registered user profile email address.

You can assign them to the campaign by clicking on their name (in the left-hand box) and then click on the right-facing arrow in the middle of the screen.

If you wish to unassign a user from the campaign, click on their name (in the right-hand box) and then click on the left-facing arrow in the middle of the screen.

Campaign Length – A user completes an Impact Focus Knowledge Check Campaign by answering as many questions as you enter into this box. Each user will complete the campaign only when they have successfully answered this number of questions, either correctly or incorrectly. If a user ignores an email on a specific day, then this will not count towards their campaign length, ensuring that every user registers the same number of answers to the system.

End Campaign For All Users (Optional) – If you wish for the campaign to stop sending emails to all users on a specific calendar date then you can enter it into this box. At the time when the campaign email would usually be sent to users on this date, the campaign will instead mark all users as complete, and the campaign itself will be marked as ended.

If you do not use this option, then users will continue to receive campaign emails every day until they have answered the required amount set in the Campaign Length box above.

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