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New Campaign – Question Builder Tab

The Question Builder Tab

The Question Builder tab on the Add / Edit Campaign screen is where all questions for the knowledge check campaign can be set, along with their associated feedback and category assignment.

Impact Focus uses Single Choice Question Types for all knowledge check questions.

Question Builder Screen

Question Categories Box

Before creating your campaign questions it is recommended that you first create your question categories using the right-hand option box.

Question Categories

Categories are important for use in your Campaign Reporting screens as they allow you to see which specific area of questioning your users are excelling or struggling with the most.

Impact Focus allows you to create 6 categories per Knowledge Check Campaign.

To create a category, just write the name into the first textbox and click the Create button. You will see a confirmation message that this has been saved.

If you need to delete a category from the Campaign then you can do so by selecting it in the Delete Category dropdown list and then clicking on the Delete button.

Building A Question

The Question Builder provides the following settings when building a question:

Question Title – Write a title for the question into this box.

Note that this is not the question text itself, and the question title is never seen the by campaign user. This title is designed to help you identify the question later, i.e. for reporting purposes, so make sure the title helps you to recognise which specific question it refers to in the campaign.

Question Box – The main text editor box below the Question Title is the box for writing the question text itself.

The Question Box will support images, but at this time video and are not supported.

Answers – The available answers that the user can select in their Knowledge Check Email can be written using this section of the builder.

A question can have a maximum of 4 possible answers. To add an answer to the question you are editing, click the Add new answer button.

The correct answer from the list can be selected using the tickbox to the left-hand side of the answer text.

If you want to delete an answer from the list, click on the Delete Answer button on the right-hand side.

Answers Box

Correct Answer – Feedback Screen Message – If you wish to provide a custom feedback message to the user when they get the answer correct, you can type it into this box. The feedback boxes support all media types selected from the Media Library.

The feedback message itself will be shown on the Feedback screen that the user is directed to after they’ve attempted to answer the question.

Incorrect Answer – Feedback Screen Message – Similarly, if you wish to provide a custom feedback message to the user when they get the answer wrong, you can type it into this box. This feedback box also supports all media types selected from the Media Library.

Consider giving your user the ability to confirm their knowledge of the subject by linking to an area of your site which contains the learning on this question subject, such as a lesson or topic page within your WordPress LMS.

Question Category – The dropdown box allows you to select one of the question categories that you have created. If you have yet to create your question categories, you should do so at this point. Any categories you create will immediately appear in the dropdown list to assign to the question.

Repeat The Process To Add More Questions

You have now completed all steps for building your first question into your knowledge check campaign!

To add more questions toyour Campaign Question Bank, repeat the process for building a question.

Users will be sent one question from the question bank randomly each day. Impact Focus will make sure that every question in the bank is asked to the user at least once before it repeats any questions.

To add a new question, click on the Add New Question link at the bottom of the page. This will create a new question settings box for your second question.

Continue this process until all questions have been produced for your Knowledge Check Campaign.

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