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New Campaign – Email Settings Tab

The Email Settings Tab

The Email Settings tab on the Add / Edit Campaign screen provides a number of configuration and styling options for the campaign emails that are sent out to your users.

The settings within the Email Settings tab are as follows:

Time Of Day Settings – You can select the specific time of day when all users assigned to the campaign will be sent their daily knowledge check question via email.

Note that depending on the number of users that are assigned to the campaign, and any other system processes that may run on your WordPress platform, your users might not receive questions exactly on the time selected.

This setting is intended as a rough time of day for when you would like the email to arrive for assigned campaign users.

If you are running multiple Impact Focus Knowledge Check Campaigns on your WordPress platform, you should try to use different times for each campaign.

Send Campaign Emails At Weekend? – If this tickbox is left unchecked, campaign emails will not be sent to users on either a Saturday or Sunday. Campaign emails will resume at the set time on Monday.

Email Sender Options – Use the From Name and From Address textboxes if you want the sender identity of your question emails to be different from the standard administration email address and From Name for your WordPress site.

Leaving these boxes blank will send emails with the default administration email address used by WordPress.

(Note – If you are changing the From Address for your campaign emails using this setting, then make sure that it is a recognised email address by your SMTP server, otherwise it will likely be picked up as spam by the end user and will not be delivered to their inbox.)

Email Template Options

Logo Image – You can apply custom branding to all question emails that are sent to users. The selected logo image (from the WordPress Media Library) will be displayed at the top of your campaign email contents (i.e. above the instruction and question text)

Pre-Question Text – Use this text box to include any custom information or instructions that you want to give to the user within the question email. The pre-question text will display directly above the question and possible answers.

Answer Button Border Colour – You can change the colour of the answer buttons in the email to match your specific style or brand.

You are now ready to publish your campaign! Take the time to review the settings across all three tab screens that you have just completed. If you are happy to proceed, click on the Publish / Update button in the right hand Publish Options box.

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