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Introduction To The eLearning Magic Toolkit

Welcome To The eLearning Magic Toolkit!

eLearning Magic Toolkit is the first plugin of its kind. Built for WordPress, it’s specifically designed for eLearning course developers who want to create a better learner experience using the world’s leading eLearning authoring software – Articulate Storyline. You won’t need any special coding knowledge to install and use our toolkit – as we’ll provide all the information you need, broken down into simple steps here in our Knowledge Base.

What Can eLearning Magic Toolkit Do?

The eLearning Magic Toolkit plugin offers a myriad of amazing features for eLearning experience developers all rolled into one single plugin.

This includes integration with the OpenAI platform which allows you to directly communicate with the Chat Completions API (ChatGPT) and Create Image API (Dall-E 2) from within any Articulate Storyline activity!

This allows you to securely transmit and receive data from the OpenAI platform safely and securely, with all API key storage and setting configuration managed from within your WordPress platform. Visit the various instruction pages included in this Knowledge Base for the eLearning Magic Toolkit to discover more of what this amazing integration capability can do for Storyline Developers.

Another amazing feature of the eLearning Magic Toolkit is that it allows you to seamlessly transfer variable data from any Storyline project into the WordPress user profile. All you need to do is ensure the Storyline activity is displayed in a WordPress page on your site. This can be within an iframe, lightbox window, or as a full-screen object using a clean WP page template. You won’t need to plan and code complex online spreadsheets to transfer variable data – eLearning Magic Toolkit makes it possible in just a few clicks.

Once the user’s variable data has been successfully saved into the user profile, you can reuse it throughout the learner’s course. You can even transfer the variables back into another Storyline activity.

eLearning Magic Toolkit Feature list:

eLearning Magic Toolkit provides several high-quality enhancements for Articulate Storyline developers using WordPress to publish digital learning experiences for their users.

1) Send And Receive Request Data From The Official ChatGPT API From Within Your Articulate Storyline Activities

This brand new feature to our eLearning Magic Toolkit opens up a wealth of opportunities for course developers to create exciting and feature-rich digital learning experience that harness all of the potential that comes from communicating with ChatGPT. Just enter your OpenAI Secret Key, set your configuration options, and from this point you can design your eLearning activities in Storyline to send and receive ChatGPT data using an Execute JavaScript trigger which can be activated at any time.

2) Generate images within your Articulate Storyline content using the official Dall-E 2 API for OpenAI

Just use the JavaScript code snippet available to copy and paste from the Discover eLearning website into your project, and either you or your users will be able to generate AI images from within your Storyline-built content!

3) Transfer Variables Between Articulate Storyline eLearning Activities

Using the eLearning Magic Toolkit, you are able to easily transfer variable data from any Articulate Storyline project (embedded on any post/page of your WordPress site) and store those values in the current user profile. It is then possible to use stored user variable data in many different ways, including passing them back into another Storyline activity!

4) Instantly Create A User Leaderboard Based On Any Stored Number Variable

If you are creating game-based learning experiences in Articulate Storyline then using the eLearning Magic Toolkit will give you the ability to create a leaderboard system effortlessly using a single shortcode which you can place anywhere on your WordPress Post/Page. The leaderboard works with any stored numeric variable, and will always display the top scorers for the selected value for all users found on your platform with a score value saved.

5) Mark Lesson And Topic Pages As Complete Using Your Articulate Storyline eLearning Activities

This is an updated version of our free ‘Topic Progression Using Storyline/Captivate for LearnDash’ plugin found in the global WordPress plugin repository. Using these settings you are able to have LearnDash LMS lesson or topic pages be marked as complete as soon as a user has triggered an action which you have designed in Articulate Storyline!

6) Get The User Name To Use In Your Articulate Storyline eLearning Activities

Activate this setting within the eLearning Magic Toolkit to create an on-page JavaScript variable for the user’s first and last name, which you can easily import into your Articulate Storyline activity in order to address the user directly by their name. If no name is detected, the variables will default to ‘Guest’, allowing you to perform validation routines inside of your project.

How Does eLearning Magic Toolkit Benefit Learners?

From making online learning feel more personal and more magical, the eLearning Magic Toolkit can deliver an amazing array of unique user experiences using your Articulate Storyline eLearning content delivered through WordPress. All it takes is your imagination to uncover what is possible!

Storyline as eLearning authoring software is already able to keep a track of everything your learners do, select, or accomplish in any given lesson. With eLearning Magic Toolkit, you can move this data between Storyline activities seamlessly. When learners make choices in their first Storyline lesson, those choices can be remembered which could then impact on what they experience in lesson two, three, four, and beyond. This creates a bespoke, personalised learning experience for your learners, ensuring their learning content adapts to the choices they make from lesson one right through to the end of the course.

Purchase eLearning Magic Toolkit For Storyline here.

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of eLearning Magic Toolkit.

If you are still experiencing any issues, you can also reach out to us by email.

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