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Introduction To Impact Focus

Welcome To Impact Focus – Plugin For WordPress

Impact Focus is a professional and affordable learning and development solution designed to build your learners’ capability, certainty, and confidence on any given subject, while ensuring you can identify potential knowledge gaps after any training course or event has happened.

Science has proved for decades that after only a few short days of learning something new, the human brain will forget up to 80% of that knowledge without daily repetition and reinforcement of what has been taught.

Even just a simple quiz question on any subject is enough to spark memory recall and aid in overall knowledge retention.

This is why Impact Focus works, and how it can help you to ensure your learners take their new skills forward with confidence.

Get ready to upgrade your WordPress LMS platform to the next level!

How Does Impact Focus Work?

Impact Focus will send questions to your users via email each day from a question bank of multiple choice questions, which you design. The user engages with a question by simply reading it in their email client (i.e. the mail app on their phone) and tapping on what they believe is the correct answer from the available options.

They will then be redirected to a dedicated feedback page on your WordPress site where information will be displayed based on the correct or incorrect answer they gave. You have full control of the feedback displayed for each question.

All of this takes place without the user even having to log into the WordPress site itself, meaning that on average a user only needs to spend less than a minute taking part in any active Impact Focus learning campaign!

How Does Impact Focus Benefit Learners?

Being challenged daily on a particular topic reinforces learning for the user. When a user gets a question wrong, it helps them to see where their confidence is lacking in certain areas, and feedback provided can help to guide the user on the correct path.

Impact Focus also comes with built in gamification, which tells the user how many questions they have answered in a certain category, or where they stand in terms of their performance with all other campaign users in a leaderboard! This is an optional feature you can use to gamify learning.

All this crucial user data is captured in a sophisticated reporting system available to site admins. From the report screen for any Impact Focus campaign, you will be able to see a breakdown of how well users are performing holistically within the campaign; which questions are users getting wrong the most; which categories of questions are users excelling or struggling with; and other important engagement and performance data.

Impact Focus is the ideal solution for supporting learners long-term after a specific learning or training event has occurred. You can even quiz learners on events that didn’t take place on your WordPress platform, such as classroom sessions, or workshop events. Impact Focus also enables you to prove to L&D professionals where time and money is most effectively spent for future learning support. Unnecessary and unpopular refresher training could potentially become a thing of the past!

Discover More About Impact Focus Here.

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of Impact Focus.

If you are still experiencing any issues, you can also reach out to us by email.

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