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Introduction To Impact Focus – LearnDash LMS Add-on

Introduction To The Impact Focus LearnDash LMS Add-on Plugin For WordPress

The LearnDash LMS Add-on Plugin for Impact Focus is the ideal integration tool for users of the LearnDash LMS, the powerful, premium plugin for WordPress.

By combining these toolkits, online course creators can create more rounded and successful digital learning outcomes for users. Impact Focus allows you to diagnose knowledge retention and knowledge gaps amongst your audience members. You can do this both before and after an online course has been completed using LearnDash.

What is LearnDash LMS?

Established in 2012, LearnDash LMS is the world’s leading LMS platform tool for WordPress.

This powerful and feature-rich plugin is ‘trusted by companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.’

As long time users and developers of LearnDash LMS-based solutions (based in the UK but with clients all over the world), we recognised the potential of expanding Impact Focus to give LearnDash course creators the ability to better understand the needs of your users following the completion of any online course.

LearnDash LMS is neither owned or operated by Discover eLearning Ltd. It is available to purchase separately from the following website –

What can the LearnDash LMS Add-on for Impact Focus do?

Using this add-on, LearnDash developers and course creators can:

  • Assign any LearnDash LMS user to an Impact Focus Knowledge Check Campaign as soon as they have completed a LearnDash course.
    • This is also managed at LearnDash Group level, so select users can be assigned to a specific Impact Focus campaign according to their role (i.e. for users within a specific team/company/institution)
  • Expand your question feedback given to students on the Feedback Page by assigning a LearnDash Lesson or Topic page. The link to this page will be displayed along with your custom answer feedback, so that users can quickly access the learning content associated with that question.
  • Create a frontend Campaign Report screen specifically for users in the ‘Group Leader’ role. You can do this by including an additional option in the if-report shortcode. Group Leaders will be able to access the shortcode-generated frontend report view. The report will display a list of the campaigns their LearnDash Group has been assigned, as well as showing only the results for users within their designated LearnDash Group.
  • Show users how well they are performing against other users in their assigned LearnDash Group. You’ll also need to use the Personal Insights Reporting Add-on for Impact Focus. This forms part of the gamification messages displayed on the Feedback screen. As well as this, an additional (optional) widget can be displayed on the Personal Insights Reporting Screen to show a leaderboard of all user names within the group. It can show the user’s rank in the leaderboard (based on correct answers given during the campaign), as well as the overall Top 10 user leaderboard.

The core Impact Focus plugin is a requirement for being able to use this add-on. Make sure that both plugins are installed and activated (as well as the LearnDash LMS plugin) on the same WordPress platform in order to take advantage of these features.

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of the Impact Focus – LearnDash LMS Add-on.

If you are still experiencing any issues, you can also reach out to us by email.

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