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Install And Activate Impact Focus

Install And Activate The Impact Focus Plugin

Once you have purchased a licence for Impact Focus from, it’s easy to install and activate the plugin. Follow these simple steps to set up the Impact Focus plugin.

1. Download the ZIP file.

When you purchase Impact Focus, you’ll receive an email from our trusted plugin reseller Freemius. The email contains everything you need in order to download the plugin ZIP file, as well as your licence key information to activate our plugin.

2. Install the plugin.

Log in to WordPress. Click into the Plugins>Add New menu, then click the Upload Plugin button:

Select the plugin ZIP file from your computer and click the Install Now button.

3. Activate Impact Focus.

Once installed, you may need to activate the plugin in WordPress. The window to enter your Licence Key will appear as soon as the WordPress admin screen refreshes after activating the plugin. Go ahead and enter your key and click the Agree And Activate Licence Button.

If there are any issues you will be shown information on screen, otherwise the plugin is now activated and ready to be used!

Please contact us by email if you are experiencing issues in relation to a licence key that you have purchased.

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of Impact Focus.

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