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eLearning Magic Toolkit – Changelog

2.0 [14-06-2023]

We’ve changed our name to the eLearning Magic Toolkit, and that’s because our plugin now offers so many more new and exciting features than ever before!
Added ChatGPT API integration to be made accessible from Articulate Storyline 360
Incorporated Lesson and Topic Progression Using Storyline plugin features (old version plugin now retired)
Incorporated Talk To The Learner plugin features (old version plugin now retired)

1.2 [16-05-2022]

New shortcode added to instantly create a leaderboard using any numeric variable.
Fixed undefined variable warning message in Edit User screen.

1.1 [01-04-2022]

Includes ability for Admins to delete stored user variable values from the Edit User screen.

1.0.1 [24-02-2022]

Licensing updates.

1.0 [04-09-2021]

Initial Release.

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