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eLearning Magic Toolkit – Changelog

2.3.2 [28-02-2024]

We have removed the option to select a universal image size option on the eLM Toolkit Settings screen. Dall-E image sizes can now be set on a call-by-call basis within your Execute JavaScript functions. Please refer to the Knowledgebase page on the Discover eLearning website for further instructions. Make sure to use the correct image size request for the Dall-E model you are using.

2.3.1 [21-12-2023]

Minor bug fix for context document prompting script.

2.3 [07-12-2023]

Control Create Chat Completions API prompt results using context documents! Upload your files into the eLM Toolkit settings screen and use the key provided as part of your prompt in Articulate Storyline 360. Refer to our Knowledge Base page on the Discover eLearning website for instructions.

2.2.2 [23-11-2023]

Create Image API options now includes Dall-E 3. Image size options must be changed when switching, make sure to save changes first to see options available for selected model. Refer to OpenAI Platform documentation for cost information per model/size.

2.2.1 [15-11-2023]

Added ability to request JSON-only response format from Chat completions API by updating a part of the JavaScript code used in Articulate Storyline. Refer to our Knowledge Base page for instructions.

2.2.0 [07-11-2023]

Ability to choose the latest GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-3.5-Turbo models released by OpenAI during DevDay 2023!

2.1.2 [14-08-2023]

Ability to choose ChatGPT model from eLM Toolkit Settings screen, including the latest GPT-4 release.

2.1.1 [18-07-2023]

Further security updates for Freemius SDK.

2.1 [17-07-2023]

Introducing AI image generation capabilities for your Articulate Storyline content with Dall-E 2 API integration.

2.0.1 [28-06-2023]

Security update for Freemius SDK.

2.0 [14-06-2023]

We’ve changed our name to the eLearning Magic Toolkit, and that’s because our plugin now offers so many more new and exciting features than ever before!
Added ChatGPT API integration to be made accessible from Articulate Storyline 360.
Incorporated Lesson and Topic Progression Using Storyline plugin features (old version plugin now retired).
Incorporated Talk To The Learner plugin features (old version plugin now retired).

1.2 [16-05-2022]

New shortcode added to instantly create a leaderboard using any numeric variable.
Fixed undefined variable warning message in Edit User screen.

1.1 [01-04-2022]

Includes ability for Admins to delete stored user variable values from the Edit User screen.

1.0.1 [24-02-2022]

Licensing updates.

1.0 [04-09-2021]

Initial Release.

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