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Create a Frontend Campaign Report Screen For Group Leaders

Create a Frontend Campaign Report Screen For Group Leaders

With the Impact Focus LearnDash Add-on extension installed, you can easily extend the functionality of the Campaign Reporting Shortcode. This allows you to display a campaign report screen specifically for Group Leader roles.

The report screen that Group Leaders will see is slightly modified from the standard view available to invited frontend users. It will only show the campaign reporting information for users that are a member of the Group Leader’s own group(s). It will also only allow them access to Impact Focus Campaigns that are assigned to the Group Leader’s LearnDash Groups.

How to set up the shortcode

To make a frontend report screen available for Group Leader access, simply add ldgroup=”yes” as an attribute in the shortcode. Please note that a campaign number is not required for a shortcode that’s designed only to be used by Group Leader roles. For example:

[if_report ldgroup="yes"]

When a Group Leader accesses the page containing the shortcode on the frontend of your site, they will see two dropdown boxes. These boxes allow them to select first the LearnDash Course, and second the LearnDash Group (which defaults to all groups combined):

Group Leader Report Screen

As a LearnDash course can be assigned to any Impact Focus Campaign, Group Leaders can select to display the user results based on any course for which they manage users.

Using the Campaign Report Screen

As soon as a course has been selected using the first dropdown box, the view will refresh to display the Impact Focus Reporting widgets for the selected course (and its assigned Campaign). This view will combine all users across all groups that the Group Leader manages:

Group Leader Report Screen 02

The second LearnDash Group selection dropdown box then allows the Group Leader to filter the results by any specific group that they are a Group Leader for.

If a Group Leader wants to compare the performance of two groups of users at the same time (for example, across two different departments in their organisation), they can do so by selecting the relevant group. The Reporting Screen will refresh automatically to show the report data for the users contained within the selected group:

Group Leader Report Screen 03
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