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Campaign Reporting – Shortcode (Frontend)

Campaign Reporting – Shortcode (Frontend)

The Impact Focus reporting dashboard can also be made accessible through the frontend of your WordPress site using a simple shortcode.

The shortcode allows any user or guest (logged out user) to access the report for the campaign selected in the shortcode options. If you want the report to only be visible to certain users or roles, we recommend that you set up a password protected page, or use a plugin such as membership plugin to achieve this.

The Impact Focus Campaign Report Shortcode:


Note: The information regarding this and all other shortcodes available for Impact Focus can be found in the Settings screen of the plugin admin menu.

Selecting the campaign ID

A campaign ID must be entered into the shortcode for it to display that specific campaign’s report screen on the page. To do this, just add the following text into the shortcode, replacing the number with your Campaign ID number:


Your shortcode will now look something like this:

[if_report campaign="1"]

You can easily find the campaign ID number for any Impact Focus Campaign in the URL when clicking into its Edit Campaign screen, as shown here:

Impact Focus Campaign Number

Once the page containing the shortcode has been published, the same report screen as shown in the Admin Report Screen will be displayed when you view the page from the frontend of your site:

Frontend Reporting Screen

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of Impact Focus.

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