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Build AI-Enhanced Storyline Experiences With The eLearning Magic Toolkit!

You Can Build AI-Enhanced Storyline Experiences With The eLearning Magic Toolkit!

The eLearning Magic Toolkit provides powerful features for Articulate Storyline developers to create AI-enhanced eLearning experiences delivered through their WordPress site.

Previously for learning experience developers seeking to create such experiences that utilise ChatGPT working for any other LMS system, being able to securely connect with the API version of ChatGPT would have required custom application development (to operate as the router between your eLearning content and the OpenAI API platform) to ensure that environment credentials such as your OpenAI Platform Secret Key remained tightly secure.

The eLearning Magic Toolkit removes the need to build such applications, as our plugin will perform the work of authenticating and communicating with the API for you! All you therefore need to be concerned with when using the eLearning Magic Toolkit is how you will implement our Execute JavaScript snippets in Storyline in order to submit prompts at the appropriate moments during the learning experience, and transform the returned data into project variables that can either be displayed to the user in your learning experience, or used to trigger some kind of automated action.

Which OpenAI APIs Can I Send And Receive Data From Using The eLearning Magic Toolkit?

Our plugin provides the ability to send and receive data requests from both the Create Chat Completion API (ChatGPT) and Create Image API (Dall-E 2) from within your Articulate Storyline activities.

If you are interested however in understanding how to build AI-enhanced eLearning experiences in Articulate Storyline 360 to be hosted on any platform, then the best place to develop your understanding is with our own Create eLearning Experiences Using ChatGPT And Articulate Storyline 360 Advanced eLearning Developer series online tutorial course!

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of the eLearning Magic Toolkit.

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