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Automatically Mark a Lesson Page as Complete Using Storyline Content

Automatically Mark a Lesson Page as Complete using Articulate Storyline Content

Using the eLearning Magic Toolkit plugin, you can activate the same mark completion script LearnDash lesson pages which you can target with your Articulate Storyline 360 content for the user to mark a page completed at the exact moment you want them to! There are however a few notable changes to make in the development of your learning content in Storyline to work with a lesson page rather than a topic page:

Step 1 – Choosing a Lesson page where you wish to hide the ‘Mark Complete’ Button

For Lesson Pages, you will be provided with the same metabox in your Edit Page area for your lesson as for topics. Simply use the checkbox in order to choose this page as a Lesson where you wish for the Mark Complete button to be hidden from the learner.

Step 2 – Use a Brand New Trigger Specifically for Lessons When Creating Your Content

The process of setting up your eLearning content in either piece of software is exactly the same as shown above except that you will need to use a different JavaScript code in order to target lesson pages specifically, and this is as follows: parent.submitLearnDashLessonComplete();

For content produced in Articulate Rise, the JavaScript should look like this: top.submitLearnDashLessonComplete();

Step 3 – Publish your content and embed on to the lesson page

When you have finished producing your learning content, the final step is to publish this and embed it onto your lesson page. As shown in the instructions for Topic Pages, this can be done by uploading your published content onto your web server, and then embed the root html file of your content onto your page using an iframe (or lightbox window – see this video for an example of how this can be done:

If you need further information on best practice for embedding Storyline content onto a web page, use this Articulate Storyline help guide.

Read the rest of our Knowledge Base pages to make the most of the eLearning Magic Toolkit.

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