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Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with Middlesbrough College to build a brand new employability platform that works for students, employers, and FE and skills providers alike. During our human-centred design project management process that we embarked on during the development of this new solution, we collaborated closely with real businesses from the North East region (in sectors such as health care, engineering, and digital) to find out exactly what skills their ideal candidates need to possess, and the best way for students to present their skills to potential employers to secure their first steps towards a meaningful and enriching career.

That’s where SkillSpace comes in.

SkillSpace takes a student-centred approach to employability. It’s designed with employers in mind and built for students to easily manage and control, so your students have the ability to create their best employability skills portfolio.

We recently announced the upcoming beta version of SkillSpace at Leading On, a webinar hosted by the Association Of School And College Leaders. Now, we’re opening the beta version to more FE colleges and skill providers who want to trial SkillSpace for free.

Who is SkillSpace for?

SkillSpace differs from other platforms because it empowers students to take control of their own employability. Using the multimedia portfolio and our custom skills wheels, they can go beyond buzzwords and grades to build a professional portfolio that shows employers what they want to see.

The employer voice has been central to the development of SkillSpace. They’ve shared the 5 most important skills all potential employees should have:

  • Employment skills
  • Workplace behaviours
  • English
  • Maths
  • Digital skills

We’ve made sure that every student is given a way to make their best qualities in each of these areas shine through on our platform, so it’s easy for employers to recognise how capable and confident a student (or prospective employee) is in each of these areas. Tutors can also support students to become proficient in each area, assigning activities to boost their core skills which in turn add to the students employability scores promoted through the user interface.

SkillSpace Screen Interface

SkillSpace also prioritises student privacy. Every student profile, once they have registered an account onto the system, is private by default. This means that their public-facing profile page can’t be accessed unless the student chooses to share it. When they’re ready to send it out to employers, all they need to do is share the link. It’s simple, modern, and designed to help students create a picture of their personality, skills, and abilities.

Launching SkillSpace Beta

SkillSpace has huge potential for FE students and providers. Our MD, Chris, recently presented the platform at the Jisc Digifest and BETT Show conferences, where it’s received interest from providers and colleges all over the UK.

We’re excited to announce that the beta version of SkillSpace is coming this May.

To help us prepare SkillSpace for its full launch in September 2022, we’re looking for FE institutions to trial SkillSpace, providing feedback that we can use to improve the platform. When you sign up to a beta trial, you’ll get:

  • (At least) 4 months’ free access to a private SkillSpace Beta platform for your institution
  • Unlimited tutor and student accounts
  • Potential to integrate online course delivery using LearnDash LMS
  • The opportunity to shape the future of SkillSpace
  • A discount offer at full launch for continued hosting, maintenance and support of your platform

At Discover eLearning, we aim to build eLearning solutions that provide the highest value for providers and students alike. By joining this SkillSpace trial, you’ll empower your students to boost their employability throughout their FE journey.

How to try SkillSpace for free

The SkillSpace beta platform is open to all FE providers and colleges — you don’t need to be an existing Discover eLearning customer to sign up.

If you’re interested in piloting SkillSpace, we’d love to hear from you. Register your interest here, and we’ll be in touch to get you set up with SkillSpace.

Rebecca Munton

Rebecca is a creative content writer for Discover eLearning. With a background in marketing for eLearning, she writes useful content to help staff and students get the most from digital technology and Discover eLearning's award winning WordPress-based solutions.

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