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Discover eLearning is excited to announce the launch of Impact Focus – our powerful new learning and development plugin for WordPress LMS systems.

Impact Focus is designed to transform your learners into a confident and capable workforce. Through bitesize email quiz questions that are delivered at the same time each day, Impact Focus helps you instil and reinforce knowledge in your learners, preventing the dreaded Forgetting Curve drop-off that has an impact on every person.

It also allows you to understand your learners’ current needs and trouble points, so you can address them with highly relevant training and resources. It’s affordable, scalable, and simple to add to any WordPress LMS system. Just purchase and download the plugin, and you’re ready to get started!

What Does Impact Focus Do?

We created Impact Focus with the objective of boosting learners’ skills and knowledge after they have taken part in any training event or online course.

Impact Focus is full of fantastic features to help your learners’ confidence grow. Here’s what you can expect when you download the Impact Focus plugin for WordPress.

Campaign Builder

Impact Focus Campaign InfoImpact Focus is 100% scalable. No matter how many learners you have (or intend to have) on a programme, there are no hidden fees or limits for enrolling learners into an Impact Focus ‘Knowledge Check Campaign’. You can also create an unlimited number of campaigns, so you can create a series of highly focused, relevant email question campaigns for your learners.

It’s simple and quick to build campaigns in Impact Focus. WordPress users will be familiar with the standard interface, so you won’t have to spend time learning how to use new software. Simply assign your learners and set the length of your campaign in the custom campaign settings.

Question Builder

Question Builder ScreenWith Impact Focus, you have total control over your Q&A content. As well as setting your own questions and answers, you can offer feedback and create question categories. Categories help you understand which subject areas your learners are excelling in or struggling with, so you can see where your learners’ strengths and knowledge gaps lie.

Plus, with our LearnDash Impact Focus add-on, you can also link your campaigns to specific LearnDash lesson and topic pages to refresh your learners’ memories and encourage self-learning.

Reporting Dashboard

Impact Focus Reporting ScreenWhen you’ve given your campaigns the green light, the Impact Focus reporting dashboard will give you all your need-to-know data at a glance.

With a stylish interface and rich, detailed data, you can view lots of vital information about campaign completion, knowledge accuracy, and learner engagement. This data helps you make more informed decisions about where to allocate your learning resources for more knowledgeable, engaged learners.

You can also allow individual learners to see their own stats with our enhanced Personal Insights add-on.

Branding and Customisation

Impact Focus Email Customisation

Impact Focus is your tool – so we’ve made it totally customisable. You can add your own branding and personalisation in the campaign emails, so learners know at a glance they’re from you. You can also update the text around your daily question challenges, so you can adapt the content to your learners’ needs.

Developers also have the option to change the layout and content of your campaigns. Find out more here.


As well as reinforcing learning through bitesize quiz questions, Impact Focus allows you to gamify the process of taking part in any Knowledge Check campaign. Using optional leaderboards, you can motivate learners to up their game by answering more questions and actively seeking out relevant learning materials.

User also receive gamified feedback with each question that they answer, informing them which categories they need to brush up on most, and also how many questions they are getting right when compared to their fellow team mates or knowledge check competitors!

Campaign categories allow you to see which areas your learners are struggling with at a glance. That means you can assign resources or training to help them gain confidence and capability in these areas, sending them straight to the top of the leaderboard.

Download Impact Focus And Transform Your Training Today

Impact Focus is available to download now! Multisite discounts and feature add-ons are available – including our LearnDash add-on and Personal Insights add-on – helping you save money on this powerful new plugin suite.

Take a look at our pricing options and download Impact Focus here.

Rebecca Munton

Rebecca is a creative content writer for Discover eLearning. With a background in marketing for eLearning, she writes useful content to help staff and students get the most from digital technology and Discover eLearning's award winning WordPress-based solutions.

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