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Technology is taking over education. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, many learning and development teams are shifting to online learning. And while online learning can be incredibly powerful, buying the right tools for your programme – and putting the right team in place to manage it – can be expensive.

While the number of EdTech tools available is growing, it’s not yet clear how feasible they are in practice. Despite the shift to online learning, many education providers don’t have the budget to invest in expensive one-size-fits-all eLearning solutions. Across the sector, learning providers could end up spending tens of thousands of pounds from their budget to implement SaaS eLearning solutions – and when it’s time to scale up, the cost grows, too.

Many eLearning programs also neglect a key element of exceptional learning delivery: personalised point-of-need training for every individual learner.

What’s The Solution?

We’ve been proponents of WordPress-based LMS solutions for, well, ever. With a WordPress-based LMS, learning providers can pick and choose the best, most relevant tools for their learning programmes.

There are tons of reasons to choose a WordPress-based LMS to manage your learning and development. But it can still be expensive to create truly personalised learning experiences.

That’s why we’ve developed Impact Focus.

Impact Focus is affordable, scalable, and user-friendly. It’s designed to track and measure learner capability, certainty, and confidence. You can then use this data to offer additional learning support wherever it’s needed. It’s also a great way to measure the effectiveness of your organisation’s training and development.

Impact Focus offers a fast, simple way to understand your learners’ current needs, so you can address them with high-quality training and resources. Plus, you’ll retain ownership and control of your learner data, so Impact Focus will fit easily into your existing data protection policies.

With Impact Focus, there are no limits on users, questions, emails, or reports. You can set up as many campaigns as you need on your WordPress site, to give you a true picture of your users’ learning requirements. You’ll have access to email support and a self-service knowledge base, making it easy to implement and use. Pricing will be announced very soon – but what we can guarantee is that Impact Focus will offer huge value at a low cost, for an almost-instant snapshot of your learners’ confidence and capability.

Funded by the Innovation SuperNetwork

Supported by the Innovation SuperNetwork North East, Impact Focus is almost ready for launch. Innovation SuperNetwork North East have seen massive value in our plugin, and we’re really excited to have them share our passion for this project.

Impact Focus is going to add fantastic value to learning and development programmes everywhere. This easy-to-use WordPress plugin will save providers time and money, while offering a scalable solution that results in high retention rates and higher learner knowledge and confidence levels.

To find out more about how Impact Focus works, head to our dedicated Impact Focus website. Stay up to date with all our Impact Focus news by registering your interest ahead of our plugin launch.

Rebecca Munton

Rebecca is a creative content writer for Discover eLearning. With a background in marketing for eLearning, she writes useful content to help staff and students get the most from digital technology and Discover eLearning's award winning WordPress-based solutions.

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