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Fun And Challenging Games That Encourage Problem Solving And Critical Thinking

Award-winning educational games

Increase learner engagement and success with game-based learning

Games integrated into learning experiences are known to increase learner engagement, motivation and retention. Games are an ideal tool for teaching problem solving, improving decision-making skills and allowing your learners to explore various outcomes based on their actions within scenario-based exercises.

From complex interactive experiences to short quiz-based summative exercises, Discover eLearning has experience in building games for use both on the web and for public interactive displays. Get in touch with us for a free consultation about your project today.

Award-winning educational games

Achieve top results through brilliantly designed games and simulations

Gamification adds a competitive element to learning, making it rewarding for a learner to prove their knowledge and achieve goals. Games can also act as a simulation of various scenarios the learner may face such as in their work environment, where the consequence of all possible actions can be explored with zero risk or damage.

Discover eLearning make award-winning educational games

Discover eLearning won ‘Best eLearning Game’ at the Learning Technologies Awards 2020. Our work with the University of Oxford was recognised by the judges for its excellent design, beautiful graphics, straightforward gameplay and for having no complex controls to learn. Our games tell a story and make learning fun, which in turn leads to information being retained by the learner. If you’d like an award-winning developer to create a game for your learning experience, please get in touch.

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Alice In Typhoidland

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Access To HE Programme

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RWE npower
Smart Digital Onboarding

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The judges were particularly impressed with how the whole interpretation experience was thought through...The design and the graphics were beautiful and the game play straightforward with no complex controls to learn.

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