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Choosing an organisation that will offer you outsourced Custom Learning Development is a choice not to be rushed, as it involves making a choice based on a number of delivery requirements such as the capability of the company to deliver on time and to budget, and the quality of the end product which you will certainly want to reflect the quality of own brand or company.

On top of this, your learning solution will impact on the behaviour and performance levels of your staff. But ultimately, the biggest factors for many organisation is money, and receiving the best value for money for what you invest.

Organisations will generally look for outsourced learning solutions that offer the best in terms of quality, innovation (i.e. use of multimedia, responsive mobile enabled content) and expertise. In general terms, value for money can be viewed on the immediate impact from the product or service provided, with respect to the investment being made. However, this is not necessarily an approach that will provide lasting success and value long-term when applied to learning.

At Discover eLearning, our mission is to empower businesses to make smarter, sustainable choices for delivering and managing online learning. And the way that we achieve this is to ensure our customers know how our solutions deliver added value to their business.

Achieving added value can be split into 3 separate factors as described below:


  • Outsourcing – A key advantage to outsourcing development is that your learning solution can be delivered at a cheaper cost, and much more quickly than perhaps having to setup and train an eLearning department in-house. This enables you to reduce your fixed cost and rely on us to manage and scale your online learning solutions to a timeframe that works for your project.
  • Industry standard toolsand pedagogy – There are a number of industry standard software packages associated with content development and learning management system setup. On top of this, the use of these tools come with a degree of applied knowledge in order to create effective learning to avoid an outdated or templated aesthetic. We at Discover eLearning are fully prepared to deliver any sort of solution from web based, multimedia, to more hardware orientated approaches such as AR or VR.


  • Clear production schedule– With our streamlined approach to development work, we can ensure that you are totally satisfied with how your end product will look at the script/storyboard phase before moving into production. This helps to minimise the time taken to make alterations at the end of the production phase.
  • Effective communication– There are a number of technological solutions that allow us to stay in touch with project managers or other members of a team associated with a project, including project management communication tools like Slack, or instant communication tools like Skype.


  • Delivering long term goals – Understanding and evaluating the learning objectives of your online training course can help to ensure that your solution delivers the right information to learners, this then helps us to envisage the most engaging and value added way of delivering that training, such as through scenario based exercises or game-based learning.
  • Analysing metrics– With the development of SCORM to Tin Can API, and the use of Learning Management Systems to capture and provide a range of analytical data on learner performance, your learning solution can do so much more than deliver standard training. Talk to us today to discuss our LMS offer and what learner record stores can do to help you meet your staff development targets.

At Discover eLearning, we take our knowledge and commitment to value seriously, so much so that we are a certified Value Management Consultant organisation with the Institute of Consulting (

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports SMEs and large firms through the process of integrating eLearning into their organisation. Chris has over 10 years experience working in Higher Education, Independent Training Provider Sector and Charity Sector learning and development.

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