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In this month’s post, we take a look at some of the content development services that Discover eLearning offer, and why they matter greatly to ensure that business objectives are met through online learning and development, as well as ensuring that your target audience is engaged and motivated by your interactive digital content.At Discover eLearning, we recognise that with any client looking to develop online learning, the reason you need to produce your course is to deliver positive and measurable results. From the outset, we work closely with our clients to identify learning objectives for online training delivery against the extremely successful Bloom Taxonomy framework, it is at this point where we can offer a range of content development services that can help to shape your content and ultimately build your course to be as effective and engaging to the learner as possible.

Helping you to develop eLearning content that effectively meets your learning objectives

Listed below is our range of content development services offered by Discover eLearning. Our team is comprised of qualified industry professionals, including an NCTJ accredited journalist who can ensure that the quality of the content within our eLearning courses is the best that it can be for our clients.

Written eLearning Content – Writing For Screenreading

We produce online content for all types of media, including client web pages, Learning Management Systems and interactive content. We write content designed to be read by humans, so as to not sound robotic or highly technical, taking care to understand the target audience of your online learning course and producing written content that relates to the learners’ situation or working environment.

Scriptwriting – For Effective Voice Over or Closed Captioning

Including a voice over as part of your online training course can increase engagement for learners as it stimulates more senses. It is also extremely important to to provide as much accessibility as possible for eLearning in consideration for learners with visual impairment. At Discover eLearning, we will help to produce a concise voice over script for your course which can then be passed on to our dedicated voiceover artist to produce a professional, radio-quality recording to accompany your visual content.

Technical Writing – Tailoring Highly Technical Content For The Intended Target Audience

Technical writing can include how-to guides or recreating user manuals, for example for machinery or complex systems, and repackaging those instructions for online learning. We work to inject creativity into technical content, by producing interactive content such as flow diagrams or scenario based training using simulated systems. We will analyse your original content and work closely with you to edit everything into exactly what the learner needs.

Story Writing – Scenario Based Training And ‘What Would You Do’ Exercises That Encourage Thought

Digital Storytelling is a popular method of eLearning delivery with many instructional designers, as it helps to bring learning and instruction into context by setting them in real world situations. Digital storytelling doesn’t necessarily have to include characters, but by following a character through to the end you can interject game based learning into your eLearning courses by getting the learner to perform for the benefit of the character. We talk about the impact of game based learning in our article for eLearning Industry here.

Writing For Online Assessment – Online Tests and Interactive Formative Assessment

An often overlooked part of the online learning process but it is very important that assessment methods and criteria are scripted carefully to ensure that all learners are given a fair and equal chance to progress in their course and achieve the accreditation that they deserve. Part of our service is that we can support the development of appropriate assessment models and reporting mechanisms to satisfy both learner and tutor.

Copywriting – Grabbing The Attention Of Online Learners And Potential Customers

If you need to attract people to take your course, or make customers feel that they have made a good decision choosing your course over a competitive provider, then good copywriting is essential to persuade your target to perform the actions that you want them to. At Discover eLearning, our specialist staff can provide a unique consultation service to ensure that your written content makes the biggest impact and is given the maximum exposure that it needs.

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports organisations of all sizes to implement engaging, meaningful, and impactful eLearning solutions. Chris has 15 years’ experience working in both private and public sector learning and development.

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