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Develop Your JavaScript Skills By Learning How To Create This Cool Effect in Articulate Storyline!

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X-Ray Image Effect in Articulate Storyline 360

Learn how to create extraordinary interactive experiences using Articulate Storyline 360 with some additional JavaScript coding knowledge!

We’re delighted to be launching a branch new advanced-level developer tutorial course for Articulate Storyline later this year.

At Discover eLearning, we love exploring all of the things that are possible to create using Storyline when we combine additional JavaScript coding and frameworks. This technique uses the classic Scrolling Panel object in Storyline and takes it to a whole new level!

The technique which you will learn step-by-step during this course can be applied to so many different creative ideas, and we have several which we will guide you through from start to end including our fantastic Easter special which you can check out for yourself right here!

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What Am I Going To Learn During This Course?

Use JavaScript To Expand The Creative Possibilities Using The Design Tools Available In Articulate Storyline

Learn Through Practice As We Guide You Through Creating A Number Of Engaging Real World Projects During The Course

Discover How We Can Optimise Our Code In Order To Deliver A Great Experience On Both Desktop And Mobile Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

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What version of Articulate Storyline will I need to follow along with the course?

We will be building our project files during this course using Articulate Storyline 360, but version 3 should work absolutely fine also.

Does it matter that I don't know anything about JavaScript?

Not at all! The purpose of the course is to teach you how to use the JavaScript language to create amazing user experiences in Articulate Storyline. We will be explaining each section of code as we go, and by the end of the course you will have developed a good understanding of how each section of code works.

Can I use my Mac to follow along with this course?

Yes you can! We’ll be recording on a Windows PC, but if you use a Mac (e.g. with a virtual machine application installed in order to run Articulate Storyline) then you can still follow along with this course.

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