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Deciding to implement a learning management solution into any organsation to handle online training of staff is not a decision made lightly. Much like choosing any IT system, the choices made could ultimately lead to on-going maintenance costs, and other hidden costs, as time transpires. So what is the best way to approach such a decision?

Heads of Department or Company CEOs will often rue bad I.T decisions which ultimately cuts into profit margins and become more of a hassle than what they were worth.

In our own lives, we are often subdued by clever marketing such as for a new mobile phone, only to find that the quality is lacking, or features you were expecting are completely missing.

In today’s LMS marketplace, there are so many choices to be made by companies who produce their own platforms and services which you can buy into. Each will claim to be provide the best solution to your needs. But most will come with a particular proviso; that as you scale, need more power, more space, more courses or more learner accounts, the additional costs and multiple hidden aspects will begin to surface for your LMS.

This is why the Discover eLearning’s way of thinking is far different – we don’t want to market to you a product owned by us, we instead want to empower you to make the choice to build your own solution in-house. We are experts in web development and open source solutions for web platform production, and we have helped an array of businesses, both big and small, to choose the option of hosting their own learning management system, thoughtfully set-up by us to your branding and theme requirements, your LMS will have all the features you need to train your staff, manage certification, issue awards and badges, and track user progress through training courses..

We do everything from creating your portal, including all the web domain linking, setup of user accounts, setup of courses and more. We even produce engaging eLearning material, so if you need your courses to be outstanding, this is what we do best.

Of course if you would rather we handle all of the hosting and web administration side of things for your business, we can do that too. We want to offer the service that is right for you, which may not be the same as everybody else.

There are a dozens of other services available from Discover eLearning, Most can be found on our website, but you can always get in touch at or call 07751606768 to discuss your needs.

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson

Chris Hodgson is an award-winning Digital learning Solutions Developer and Director of Discover eLearning Ltd. He supports SMEs and large firms through the process of integrating eLearning into their organisation. Chris has over 10 years experience working in Higher Education, Independent Training Provider Sector and Charity Sector learning and development.

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