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Mario Andretti is a world-class racing driver. With four IndyCar titles and a Formula One Championship among his 109 major circuit career wins, he’s an inspiring figure among motorsport fans.

So when Discover eLearning was asked to collaborate with Team Steam Nation to create a virtual Mario Andretti who could inspire STEAM students for the 2023 Indy 500, we seized the opportunity.

Using scripting developed by Discover eLearning integrated into the Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience platform, we built Ask Mario: a web-based interactive experience through which Mario’s virtual twin could provide information about his rich racing history. Students were also invited to ask physics questions related to motorsports, such as questions around downforce, grip, and aerodynamics.

ask mario screenshot

Jeff Andretti, Mario’s youngest son, former IndyCar racer, and co-founder of Team Steam Nation and AFX, said:

“The use of AI, such as Ask Mario, provides a way for our family to share our motorsports knowledge to support STEAM lessons in k-12 providing yet another family legacy – education – something that is important to us.”

The Andretti FASTTRACK Xperience educational platform is being finetuned in preparation for its release later this year, when it will include several new AI-enhanced features.

The AI developments we’ve been working on hold huge promise and potential for the future of eLearning for clients like Team Steam Nation, starting with our eLearning Magic Toolkit for learning content created in Articulate Storyline 360. Download the toolkit today and discover how you can build richer, more engaging and inspiring learning experiences for your students. 

If you’d like a more in-depth insight into what our toolkit can accomplish, be sure to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your aspirations and help to devise a strategy for implementing Generative AI technologies into your teaching and learning.

Rebecca Munton

Rebecca is a creative content writer for Discover eLearning. With a background in marketing for eLearning, she writes useful content to help staff and students get the most from digital technology and Discover eLearning's award winning WordPress-based solutions.

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