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Discover eLearning Brings Learning To Life

Inventive and Colourful Animation and Graphics that Capture the Imagination!

Expert Animation and Graphics

Telling stories and conveying ideas through colour and motion

Discover eLearning believe the best learning experiences tell a story. One way we do this is through animation, as humans memorise visual information more quickly than the written word. Our superb explainer videos can help make any course accessible and engaging for learners.

We are ready to manage the full development process of your next digital animation project. From storyboarding and initial design work, motion and editing, as well as sound effects and background music. Get in touch with us regarding your idea and we will guide you through our process!

Expert Animation and Graphics

Effective learning aids that make a real impact

Customised infographics created with the audience in mind can make the difference between a good eLearning course and a great one. This is why Discover eLearning can guarantee the highest-quality graphics to convey information in an easy-to-understand way.

Animation to give your learning a professional and stylish edge

Discover eLearning design creative, customised animated videos and infographics that can deliver complex ideas to an audience quickly and easily. What’s more, our graphics will do this in the most appropriate way, using humour, levity or whichever emotional theme matches the subject matter. Storytelling combined with expert design makes any information memorable – and that’s what we do best.

Middlesbrough College
Access To HE Programme

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Oxford Martin School
Alice In Typhoidland

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Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals
70 Years 70 Stories

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"As a complete beginner when it comes to eLearning, Chris (Discover eLearning) was super patient with us, in taking our ideas about how to create engaging content and actually making them happen."

Terry StreatherOakwood Training

Communicating With Your Target Audience

Enhance Your Animation With Interactive Elements

We Work With Organisation Of All Sizes And Backgrounds

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